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Vype ePod Device by Vuse Review

Vype EPod Device by Vuse Review

Vuse’s Vype ePod is specially designed for the trendiest of vapers. Vype was able to successfully create a device that is both sleek and stylish without compromising on performance, all at an affordable price so everyone can afford one. It is available in many EU countries, both in traditional convenience stores and in online stores. 

What’s In The Kit?

  • 1 x Vype ePod Device
  • 1 x Magnetic USB Charger
  • 1 x User Guide

You can get all these for just $8 at the Hazetown Vapes online store.


  • Size: 105mm x 19mm x 10mm
  • Weight: 22.5grams
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • Ejuice Tank Capacity: 1.9ml (Available in both 12mg/ml and 18mg/ml nicotine concentrations)

Design and Build

The Vype ePod device features a metallic chassis that is quite different from the plastic build of many pod systems on the market. The metallic chassis makes the device feel more sturdy and not at all cumbersome when you hold it in your hand. The device also sports rounded edges and a matte graphite finish that gives the Vype ePod device a modern aesthetic feel. Its size makes it easy for you to slip the device into your pocket or bag with ease.

Vype EPod Device by Vuse Review

The device is available in Matte Black, Graphite, Silver, and Gold.

At the center of the Vype ePod is a small LED that comes in quite handy when you need to check your battery life. When your battery needs to be recharged, the LED flashes 10 times. When you plug it in to charge, the LED stays on, meaning that it is charging. Once the battery is full, the LED turns off.

Power and Safety

The device’s 350mAh inbuilt rechargeable battery is not something exceptional. However, it is still enough to give you a whole day of use before you would need to recharge. This makes it perfect for those times when you need to step out with a handy vape device. The 350mAh battery is enough to deliver about 195 puffs when the device is fully charged, this should get you through ¾ of your ejuice.

When the battery of the device is low you can easily charge it up via a magnetic dock that attaches to the base of the device and plugs into a USB. This can power up the device from 0 to 100 in about 70 minutes.

The Vype ePod comes with overcharging and over current protection. This makes sure that the internal battery does not draw too much current from the outlet when you are charging it. It also comes with over-discharging protection that cuts off the power when the battery level falls to a certain voltage limit.

About The Vype ePod

The design of the Vype ePod is something that cannot pass you by especially when you take a first glance at the cartridge. The pod cartridge comes prefilled with 1.9ml of ejuice which guarantees about 270 puffs before you get done with the pre-filled ejuice content. The pod cartridges come with the mouthpiece fused into it a one. The mouthpiece is slightly narrowed down so it fits comfortably on your lips when you go in for a pull. It features an anti-spill design so you would not have to bother about creating a mess when you put the device in your pocket or bag.

Vype EPod Device by Vuse Review

It is available with several flavor profiles, each made especially with high-quality ingredients that are well balanced so that your taste buds have a great time whenever you go in for a pull. You can get the Vype ePod with Golden Tobacco, Chilled Mint, Tropical Mango, Very Berry, Vanilla Medley, Strawberry, Tequila Sunrise, Watermelon, Blueberry, Cucumber, Blood Orange, Aromatic Tobacco, Lychee, and many more flavors. You can find a rich selection of Vype ePod flavors at the Hazetown Vapes online store. 


If you are looking for a smooth mouth-to-lung delivery system, the Vype ePod might just be your match. The Vype ePod device is designed to give transitioning smokers a good kick for what it’s worth. When you take a pull, you are rewarded with the same cigarette-like throat hits thanks to the high-quality salt nicotine formula. What’s even better is that the device is built with a draw-activated firing mechanism that powers up the battery and vaporizes the ejuice in the pod cartridge without having to a button or the flip of a switch. You just need to place the device in your mouth and inhale. 


Enough said, the choice still comes down to you. The Vype ePod device has proven to be a worthy contender in the pod vaping community. Its looks, feel, and performance makes this device what it is. If you are looking for simplicity and style in a mouth-to-lung device, you should consider this Vype ePen device. The best part is that you do not have to break the bank to get one.