CBD For Pets: Is It Good? and How Can I Give Them CBD?

    CBD For Pets: Is It Good? and How Can I Give Them CBD?

    The effects of CBD comes from its natural ability to stimulate the endocannabinoid receptors found all over the body. Stimulating these receptors in turn affects the regulation of several body functions. Since these endocannabinoid receptors are found in every mammal on earth, it means that CBD is something that can also be shared with pets. The benefits of CBD on humans are quite similar to the CBD benefits for pets, with minute differences. 

    One of the major fears of administering CBD to pets stems from the fact that most people do not understand the key difference between CBD and THC since it is easy to mix them up as they both come from the same cannabis plant. 

    That said, even in human consumption of CBD, all CBD products are meant to have THC in moderation. In pet products, lab tests are run to make sure that less than 0.1% THC is used in the final product.

    How Can I Give My Pet CBD?

    CBD For Pets: Is It Good? and How Can I Give Them CBD?

    Just as there are different forms of CBD products for humans, there are also different forms of CBD products for your little friends. Usage also differs from pet to pet and from product to product. Here is an example:

    CBDFX Pet Tincture Series with MCT Oil

    This pet tincture by CBDfx is designed to suit all of your furry friends, regardless of their size. It is ideal for cats, dogs, birds, or any other pet. Since it is in a tincture form with a dropper cap, it makes it quick and simple to apply in just a matter of seconds without any hassle. 

    Each bottle of this CBDfx pet tincture contains carefully formulated CBD that is tested for purity and quality just the same way CBD products are prepared for humans. The tincture is also made with coconut oil and contains tree nuts (coconut).

    It comes in an easy to carry bottle so you can carry it about with ease and deliver CBD to your pet even on-the-go. It is available in 150mg formulations for small breeds, 300mg formulations for medium breeds, and 600mg formulations for large breeds. 

    The price for this CBD pet tinctures differs depending on the formulation that you choose. A 150mg bottle is priced at $18.99, a 300mg bottle is priced at $28.49, and a 600mg bottle is priced at $37.99.


    • Derived from high-quality hemp oil
    • CO2 extraction process
    • Contains cannabinoids, terpenes, amino and fatty acids
    • 100% natural and organic
    • Third-party lab tested

    How to Use The Pet Tincture

    Depending on the formulation you choose, the dropper should contain .1, 1, or 2mg of CBD which is a perfect daily dose for any pet size. When starting, it is advised to begin with half a dropper. Subsequently, as you watch how your pet responds, you can increase the dosage to a full dropper.

    Neurogan Full Spectrum CBD Dog Treats

    The Neurogan full spectrum CBD dog treats are like the human form of CBD gummies. They provide delicious daily dosing of CBD for your dog. Each of them is packed full with full-spectrum CBD that helps to promote the health and happiness of your pets. 

    CBD For Pets: Is It Good? and How Can I Give Them CBD?

    Each treat is made with seven human-grade ingredients: organic peanut butter, organic apple sauce, organic coconut oil, filtered water, organic oat flower, and premium full-spectrum CBD. 

    It is available in 300mg and 600mg CBD strengths, and 30 and 60 count bottles.


    • Contains full-spectrum CBD
    • Available in 30 count (300mg) or 60 count (600mg)
    • It is perfect for pets exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, and discontentment.
    • Energy-boosting
    • It contains essential nutrients for the health of ageing animals
    • Improves joint flexibility and mobility
    • 100% vegan and non-GMO

    Using Neurogan CBD Dog Treats

    You should start by giving your pet half or full CBD chew while you monitor how they respond after administering the dosage. The dosage depends on many factors, one of which is the weight of your pet. Since they are first ingested, they will take between 60 to 90 minutes to start taking effect while providing long-lasting results up to 7 hours.