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Cube – Summer Menthol Disposable Pod by VaporTech Review


You probably thought that the Vapo 1500 was the climax of vape devices by VaporTech. Well, Voila! The Vaportech Cube is a brand new mega upgrade by VaporTech, offering as much as 3000 puffs from one pod! For vapers who have always wanted some extra juice to satisfy those cravings, now you have a device that can hold up to11ml of ejuice. The Cube comes with six delicious flavors including Summer Menthol, Energy, Red Apple. Fresas Con Crema, Tropic and StrawNana. If you would rather start exploring these flavors from the most familiar, Summer Menthol flavor stands out as your first option.

Flavor Description

Could you imagine what it feels like to carry a bit of summer in your pocket anywhere you go? VaporTech Cube – Summer Menthol delivers this experience. It’s a fruity blend with peppermint and spearmint that reminds you of flowers in full bloom. When you inhale, your taste buds pop in the rush of menthol and a hint of sweet fruity notes. The chill effect of the menthol is heightened in your throat. The exhale is a full-blown expression of the distinct notes of spearmint and peppermint in way you have not experienced before. Fragrant clouds flow from your mouth, creating the urge to take another puff. This flavor is perfect for chilling out on hot stressful days, or just having fun with friends.

Nicotine Strength

The VaporTech Cube Summer Menthol disposable pod comes with 5% nicotine strength. It thas a very smooth hit at the back of your throat.

VG/PG Ratio

Product Description

Like all vaping devices from VaporTech designed for convenience and discrete use, this new upgrade is a disposable device that serves as a perfect alternative for larger mods and sub-ohm devices. The new black design is particularly sleek, with a vertical cuboid shape and a slender mouthpiece. When you open the pack, the disposable pod comes with a white protective cover over the mouthpiece. To use, you do not require any button-operations or pre-charging. You just take it out of the device and puff!

This device also comes with a feature you will not find in other VaporTech disposable pos systems. It comes with variable flow rate which allows you to control your vaping experience. You can access this feature through the button beneath the device. When you turn the device upside down, you would see a spiral design with a button in the middle. There are three holes (spaces) where you could adjust the button.

Brand Profile

VaporTech is one of the leading manufacturers of vape devices, juices, and accessories in the United States, offering premium quality products from their headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. The company provides excellent customer service and fast delivery. You can get the VaporTech Cube -Summer Menthol from vaportechusa.com for $19.99 only.