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Mi Pod Replacement Pods (2 Pack) by Mi Pod Review


As you advance in vaping, you get familiar with the need to maintain or replace accessories in your vape devices. Vape coils, vape pods, batteries, tanks or cartridge are parts of your vape device that are likely to wear and tear, they are not exactly designed to last forever. Replacing any of these parts is an important routine that you have to adapt to so that your device’s performance remains at its best.

For most vapers, finding a vape store that stocks genuine replacement parts for their vape device is quite hectic. If you live in the UK, Vape Green UK Online Vape Store is your go-to store when your vape coil produces a burnt dry taste or your vape device is generally not functioning as it should.

Vape Green stocks replacement vape coils and vape pods for most kits, from premium brands in the vape market like Aspire, Smok, Uwell, Horizontech, Mi Pod, Vaporesso, Innokin, GeekVape and a lot more.

What’s more? You get free delivery service within the UK if you place orders over £20 and same-day delivery service if you order before 3 pm from Monday to Friday.

The Mi Pod Replacement Pods (2 Pack), one of the great products you find on Vape Green’s shelf, is designed as a replacement for the Mi Pod Vape Starter Kit. It works with all versions of the Mi Pod, Metal, Digital, and Limited editions. The sleek and compact pod starter kit comes with two 2ml refillable pods that can be refilled multiple times, about five to seven times or more, depending on the eliquid.

The Mi Pod Replacement Pods (2 Pack) are available in two colors, transparent grey which is the original color, and transparent red. It is made with polycarbonate material and designed for use with Nicotine Salt eliquids and 50/50 eliquids.

The pods have built-in coils with a resistance of 1.3 ohms, made from the classic Kanthal and organic Japanese cotton to ensure that your eliquid saturates the coil in each pod and produces a smooth flavorsome vape.

The life span of your vape pods is usually dependent on factors like the frequency of your use, the viscosity of the eliquid, the sweetness of the eliquid, and how full you like your pods to be.

The pods are designed to handle up to five refills and should last for more than a week. If your newly purchased replacement pods bail out on you faster than you expected, then there are some things you are not getting right.

Here are some tips on how you can get the best lifespan out of your pod:

• Overfilling kills your pods faster than you can imagine, it always leads to bad leaking.

• Turn your pod to a 45-degree angle when filling. Stop a little below the coil to avoid over-flooding the coil or overfilling the pod.

• Do not allow your pod to run completely dry before refilling. It will cause the cotton of the coil to burn out quicker.

• If you are a sweet-toothed vaper, reduce the amount of sweet eliquids you vape with your pod. Sweet eliquids leave black wet deposits called coil gunk on your coil which will results in hot and harsh vapor production, somewhat like dry hits.

• Avoid vaping when your Mi Pod is drained to the red power level, it helps your pods last longer.

You can purchase Mi Pod Replacement Pods (2 Pack) at vapegreen.co.uk for £7.99.