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Ejuice Review Time: Hawaiian POG Ejuice by Naked 100


Taking the stage in this review is the Hawaiian Pog Ejuice by Naked 100, a delicious blend of exotic fruits that would leave you hula hooping all the way to Hawaii. Every time you inhale, you’ll be hit with a burst of delicious flavor. The mixture’s name is actually an acronym for the fruit flavors it contains. “P” for passion fruit, “O” for oranges, and “G” for guava.

Hawaiian POG Ejuice is brought to you by Naked 100, a premium ejuice brand that is also brought to you from Schwartz E-Liquid group in California. They have a wide variety of unique blends to pick from. When it comes to vaping, Naked 100 prides itself on using only pure and unadulterated ingredients to provide straightforward yet mind-blowing experiences. All of their ejuices are created in the United States with high-grade ingredients, ensuring you of the best standards of quality and safety in the industry.

Their finest vape juice flavors include Lava Flow, Strawberry Pom, Berry, Really Berry, and American Patriots. They also provide Euro Gold and Melon flavor options.

Vaping the Naked 100 Hawaiian POG vape juice will excite your taste buds with its passion fruit-orange blend. Inhale and you’re greeted with an exhilarating burst of sour and sweet guava flavor that’ll leave you wanting more. The closest way to describe the mix of flavors is perfection. While it isn’t overly sweet, it has just enough sourness to keep you coming back for more.

With every drag, you get a pleasant flavor that isn’t overpowering but also not too subtle. You won’t grow weary of this one because it has a constant flavor from start to finish.

The Hawaiian POG ejuice by Naked 100 is prepared with a base of 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG) base. This helps you to create those huge and dense fluffy vapors that are so appealing to vapers everywhere. Its high VG content makes it suitable with sub-ohm tanks and RDAs if that’s how you choose to vape your Hawaiian getaway. Even though it’s a high VG blend, it’s smooth and doesn’t clog up your coils very easily. Changing coils after one or two sessions would not be a concern for you if this were the case. While vaping this vape juice, PG is responsible for the strong flavors and smooth throat hits you’ll experience.

It’s no secret that nicotine is the first thing vapers look for when purchasing e-liquid, for a variety of reasons. As such, Naked 100 has designed this Hawaiian ejuice in various nicotine concentrations to accommodate both vapers who choose a nicotine-free vape and those who want to go all-out with their vaping experience. To top it off, they add high-grade freebase nicotine in their e-juice formulas.

They offer 0mg and 3mg strengths for those who want a mild but soothing nicotine dose. They offer 6mg and 12 mg strengths for those who want a strong nicotine impact to satiate their cravings. However, even from a 12-milligram bottle of nicotine, you get smooth hits that do not leave you with an itchy throat.

Hawaiian Pog e-juice from Naked 100 comes in a 60ml Chubby Bottle that is packaged neatly in a cardboard box. The bottle itself is a dropper bottle that makes refilling hassle-free. Everything you need to know about refilling your vape device and taking countless draws can be found on the package. On westcoastvapesupply.com you can get yourself a 60ml bottle of the Hawaiian POG ejuice for $12.99. You also get to choose from any of the available nicotine concentrations. Make the most of your ejuice by pairing it with your favorite tank.