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The TAAT Beyond Nicotine Smoking Experience


Nicotine is the component that generally produces the cravings associated with tobacco smoking, and consequently, addiction to tobacco smoke in the long run. This is why you’ll find a vast majority of smokers now going for other ‘safer’ means to enjoy smoking, cut down, or quit entirely, usually by using replacements that reduce or strike out nicotine dependency. 

But the manufacturers of TAAT don’t just think you should have healthier alternatives to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes and reduce nicotine intake. They’ve gone way ahead– to creating cigarettes that give you the feel, taste, and all other distinctive characteristics of the regular tobacco cigarettes, but this time absolutely tobacco and nicotine-free. 

The TAAT Smoking Experience    

Made in America from plant materials grown by American farmers, the cigarettes from the brand name TAAT are nicotine and tobacco-free ‘cigarettes’ that offer the very same smoking experience associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes, which easily makes them the ideal tobacco replacement in comparison with other alternatives like vapes and gums. 

In the first place, TAATs are zero tobacco and zero nicotine cigarettes specially designed to emulate and give users similar sensory pleasure that is associated with smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes—the same feel of the smooth cigarette sticks between your fingers, the physical sensations of inhaling and exhaling smoke, and of course they give a tobacco-like taste and smell.  TAATs go all the way in to keep your smoking experiences intact, all the way to the crackling sound they make when they burn, and the flicking of ashes when you smoke them, just like your regular cigarettes. 

What’s the magic behind their tobacco ‘free yet emulating’ composition? TAAT cigarettes are created using a mix of plant materials, and a proprietary blend of CBD-containing hemp which the manufacturers have called Beyond Tobacco. It’s notable that each TAAT cigarette stick has up to 25% CBD content, which means they come with all the health benefits of Cannabidiol-infused smokes, and also less than 0.2% THC, which is well within the federal legal limit.  

This blend of hemp and 100% food-grade ingredients are intentionally modified and processed to give the same taste, smell, and other distinctive properties of tobacco, despite not containing tobacco or nicotine at all. The product’s manufacturers have focused their endeavors on giving smokers the choice to reduce their nicotine dependency while still maintaining an enjoyable smoking lifestyle in every other regard.  Best of all, TAATs are non-addictive because of the lack of nicotine. 

In essence, they help you cut down on addictive nicotine product smoking while allowing you all the pleasures of traditional smoking; this way smokers who may be looking to quit can even do so gradually by reducing nicotine and tobacco use through a smooth, pleasurable transition to the tobacco and nicotine-free cigarettes from these manufacturers. 

It’s really about the feel of the smooth paper in your hand, the same traditional tobacco scent you enjoy breathing in and out as you hear the cigarette burn—it’s about having the TAAT cigarettes fulfill all your smoking rituals. That is the TAAT smoking experience. Absolutely sensational. 

Product Branding and Packaging

It shouldn’t surprise you that TAATs are also crafted to look exactly like your regular cigarettes, it is part of the plan to give you satisfaction in familiarity, after all. TAATs not only smell, taste, and feel the same way, they look the same as traditional cigarette sticks and packs too. Let’s go with their most popular flavor variety, the TAAT Menthol Pack, for instance: each pack contains 20 smooth, FSC branded-paper cigarette rolls, teeming with the robust hint of minty freshness. This flavor is ideal for smokers who like brand names like Newport and Kool; you could easily reimagine it to be your ideal Kool tobacco free cigarettes for an exquisite smoking lifestyle. 

TAAT cigarette boxes also have the same flip-top lid that is conventional to cigarette packs in general and come with the TAAT brand name, logo, and details printed on the box body, so they’re hardly any different looking from regular cigarette boxes. 

Price and Availability

To top it all off, TAATs not only contain zero nicotine and zero tobacco while ensuring you’re not missing out on all the things you used to love about traditional cigarettes, they also come at a price that is way lower than regular tobacco cigarettes. 

At https://trytaat.com/ you can purchase a pack of TAAT Menthol cigarettes for $6.99, or go for the other delectable flavors available.