A Simple Guide to Cleaning Your Tank

It is essential to clean your vape tank from time-to-time to guarantee to get the same rich flavor and optimal performance from your device. There is nothing worse than getting a weird taste when you are vaping an e-juice. A clean vape tank is an essential component for an enjoyable vaping experience. It is wrong to wait until your tank is very dirty before you clean it because this will only make the work of cleaning it more difficult.

It is natural for your vape tank to require cleaning over time due to a buildup of residue from your e-juice, especially sweet, MAX VG e-liquids, and vape juice blends with a strong flavor. Thankfully, cleaning a tank is very easy. It is important to note that in this article, we’re focusing on cleaning tanks and not rebuildables (not even RTAs). When cleaning your tank, the main components to focus on are the drip tip, the tank tube, and the coil. Sometimes, it is best to change your coil rather than attempt to clean it. Nonetheless, we’re going to explore that for those special circumstances that cleaning your coil is a better option.

One of the easiest ways to clean your tank is by running the components through warm water, vinegar, or alcohol. Some people also use propylene glycol. The technique involves rinsing the components of your vape tank in these liquids and then drying them off. You could also soak the tank components in the liquid of your choice for a few hours, and then clean them off. Ensure that the components of your tank dry properly before you put them together. As far as cleaning your coil is concerned, I recommend only using water or PG if you plan to clean your coil. This is because the liquids may not completely dry off from your wick, and using alcohol on them may be dangerous.

Another way to clean your tank is to use an ultrasonic cleaner, which is usually used to clean jewelry. This will clean the components of your tank thoroughly and leave it as good as new. Ultrasonic devices clean your tank with water and ultrasonic sound waves. You can get an ultrasonic vape cleaner at the Wotofo online store.

To avoid making the task of cleaning your tank easier and also prolong the lifespan of your device, it is recommended that you clean your tank frequently. Also, store your vaping devices and accessories properly. You can buy vape cases at the Wotofo vape shop.