Thursday, December 2, 2021

First and foremost, We are a team of smoking veteran, and we’ve been on and off e-cigarettes since vaping first started showing up five or six years ago.  Now, we have finally said goodbye to analog (tobacco) cigarettes for good.  There is too much to experience in the realm of electronic cigarettes, e-juices (e-liquids), and personal vaporizers for us to ever even consider going back to the analogs.  We used to enjoy cigar-smoking, simply because of the new connoisseur element.  We are a group of vapers who appreciates the finer things in life.  

Our desire for this blog is to rate and review various e-juices from as many manufacturers as possible.  These reviews will be split up into several categories, among which will be micro-vendors, wholesalers, basic flavors, proprietary blends, disposable e-cig brands, etc.  We may review some e-cigarette hardware, equipment, mods, etc., but the primary focus of our E-Juice Connoisseur website will always be, to the surprise of none we’re sure, the e-liquids themselves.  We hope to promote this blog to the point where I can utilize other expert e-juice “tasters” to make an official,

We hope to promote this blog to the point where I can use other expert e-juice “tasters” in order to make an official, annual award ceremony for Best Flavor, Best Blend, Smoothest, Most Unique, Best Throat Hit, and more.  We also invite others to weigh in on my reviews in the comments section below each review.  It is taking us a while to get started in this endeavor, as we have already begun keeping a database of the many e-juices we’ve purchased.  But bear with us and you will start to love our blog activity.