Allo Bar Pineapple Ice by Allo Vapor Review

If you are a fan of hassle-free and convenient vaping, you should give disposable vape devices a shot. Allo Bar disposable all-in-one (AIO) devices are a great choice, designed to deliver smooth and flavorful drags all day long. Allo has indeed introduced a revolutionary product to the vaping market, changing the vaping game almost entirely with a device that is fully charged and ready to be vaped right out of the box. No fancy gimmicks, no mess, just an elegant and simple draw-activated device that delivers all the pleasures of vaping.

About The Manufacturer

Allo was created by people who understand and respect the desire of every vaper to find a premium quality device at a reasonable price. You will not have to break the bank to enjoy the assortment of options Allo Vapor provides.

Allo Vapor’s ingenious disposable vape devices come in 7 savory flavors, each having two nicotine levels to choose from. All you have to do is to pick the flavor and nicotine concentration that best suits your vaping preferences, have it delivered, and right away you can get down to vaping. Allo Bar comes in flavor variations like blue raspberry, lychee ice, mango ice, peach flavor, spearmint flavor, and pineapple ice for the fruit loving vapers, and classic tobacco for the cigarette fans. Allo Bar Pineapple Ice by Allo Vapor Review

In addition to disposables, Allo also has a portfolio of devices, flavors, and enhancers, developed and perfected by their team to make vaping all the more enjoyable. They continue to work on new flavors to help vapers easily make a successful transition from smoking. You can easily find any one of the flavors on the Hazetown Vapes online store at an affordable rate. 

Design of The Disposable

The Allo Bar is a compact and lightweight device that is not bigger than your hand. Its small size allows you to easily carry the device around. It can easily fit into your pocket and in the palm of your hand. As an all-in-one device, there are no removable parts. The device’s draw activated firing mechanism makes it all the more convenient to use. So if you fancy stealthy vape sessions while on the go, you’ve got the device for the job.

The device sports a 300mAh non rechargeable battery with a resistance of 1.5 ohms that will last you till the very last drop of ejuice. You do not have to worry about the common disposable issue of the battery dying out before the ejuice runs out. The battery can last you all day or even more depending on how frequent you vape. You should have nothing less than 300 to 400 puffs from a single device. Top that up with its high nicotine content and you have satisfaction guarantee. Allo Bar Pineapple Ice by Allo Vapor Review

The Allo Bar device comes with a standard over inhale and short circuit protection that is guaranteed to deliver smooth and flavorful drags with ease so you can have peace of mind whenever you go for a drag.

Flavor Profile

Allo’s disposable vape device comes with an impressive 1.2ml of pre-filled ejuice formulated in O-Canada. That means you get 1.3ml of the savory pineapple ice ejuice blend that is sure to wow your taste buds whenever you take a drag. Once you are done with the ejuice, you can easily dispose of the unit. On the inhale, your taste buds are ravaged by the bold and pure flavor of the island pineapples that gradually moves down your throat allowing you savour every bit of the flavor. On the exhale, your mouth is blasted by the icy cool menthol feel that will leave you refreshed and craving some more.
In terms of vapor, you should not expect anything too large considering the device’s high nicotine content. If you are careful, you can take a drag and only bring out a thin streak of vapor so you do not advertise your vaping.


Allo Bar makes use of an advanced nicotine delivery system to give you instant satisfaction. The Allo Bar pineapple ice is available in 20mg (2.0%), and 50mg (5.0%) nicotine concentrations. Allo Vapor makes use of a high-quality salt nicotine formula to ensure smooth and flowing throat hits. If you crave a strong nicotine hit every time you take a drag, Allo has got you covered. 


If you fancy a get-away ride to the tropical islands, where you can enjoy a glass of freshly made island pineapple juice, this Allo Bar pineapple ice by Allo Vapor is going to be a sure zinger once your taste buds get a load of the flavor. On Hazetown Vapes, you can buy the Allo Bar Pineapple Ice for $8.00 and get it delivered to you safely and securely in no time.