Atomic Dog Vapor Cuban e-Cigars Review

Every smoker knows it, a Cuban cigar is the holy grail of cigar smoking. Thanks to Atomic Dog Vapor Cuban e-Cigars, you do not need to fly to Cuba anymore as you can smoke this anywhere and anytime you time want. You definitely heard that right, but is it worth it? Read my full review below.

“Everybody loves a Cuban cigar! You gotta try one of these!! Our Atomic Dog Vapor eCigars give you up to 1,800 puffs. They also feature a natural-look wrapper, detailed ash with blue LED, and a soft tip for chompin’ on. Perfect for the poker game or pool hall.”

“Our eCigars can be enjoyed in many places where you can’t smoke a traditional cigar. (Of course, we always recommend asking your host or server. Be prepared to demonstrate… an eCigar may be unlike anything they’ve ever seen!) Enjoy! And Relax.”

Whether it is in the appearance, taste, and experience, Atomic Dog Vapor Cuban e-Cig is one of the closest things you will get to a real Cuban cigar. And true to its profile, you can really use this wherever you are. If you are in a clubhouse, at home, in a car, or office, you will do just fine. This disposable e-cigarette is so convenient, you do not have to charge.

Atomic Dog Vapor also clearly exerted some efforts to make its Cuban e-Cigs appear like the real thing. The outer casing of each stick is made from synthetic textured tobacco leaf. What’s more, its size also resembles the size of a typical cigarette with a faux ash tip. It looks so true you will be the only person in the room that can tell if this is actually a real one or not. Keep those people guessing.

But if you are keen enough to notice, Atomic Dog Vapor Cuban e-Cigs have a blue led light on the end of the cigarette. This light helps alleviate any concerns other people surrounding you may have. This will differentiate whether or not you are smoking a conventional cigarette. This also allows you to use this even in places where normal smoking is not allowed. It has an odorless vapor too that disappears after a few seconds.

Cuban eCigar by Atomic Dog Vapor is equipped with a highly powered battery that can give you up to 1,800 puffs. Yes, its description is true! And in case you are wondering how much that is, that’s 12x the puffs you can get from a real cigar. Call that worth the price!

Atomic Dog Vapor comes in two nicotine concentration levels. It is available in a full-bodied Cuban and a light Cuban, that is, 24 mg and 12 mg of nicotine, respectively. The 12 mg level suits social or occasional smokers, while the 24 mg is for heavy smokers. It is important to note that finding the perfect nicotine level for you is very important. So make sure you do some experimentation and use the right concentration level for you. Trust me, you will thank me later because it is all worth it in the end.

Cuban e-Cig produces a pleasant aroma similar to that of a mild pipe tobacco. And as mentioned earlier, the smell is subtle to almost nothing so it is safe to be used with people around. You also do not have to deal with falling ash, and this stays cool even when stored in your pocket, purse, or bag. Truly a perfect on-the-go e-Cig! Vapor production is also good with a mild throat hit. By far, I have not experienced any nose tingling sensations or fits of coughing. Its vapor runs nice and smooth on the throat. And the tobacco flavor is not overwhelming at all.

You can buy your own Cuban e-Cigars for as low as $13.99 only. For its quality and price ratio, this product is really worth every penny spent. But catch some awesome deals at Atomic Dog Vapor with its Buy 12, Get 1 Free promo. “Baker’s Dozen” Cuban e-Cigars will give you an extra e-Cigar for every purchase of 12 eCigars. This is perfect to bring during a poker game with friends or even family reunions. Oh, by the way, don’t forget to thank the baker who started this trend. Visit now. Happy vaping!