Autumn Cavendish Tobacco Vape Juice by Flavor Fog Review

The autumn season is about change. Leaves fall from trees in anticipation of brand new ones. Flavor Fog chose Cavendish tobacco as the flavor for the autumn season to remind the process of nature to renew itself similar to the Cavendish process of making tobacco sweet. Cavendish tobacco in autumn will delight your taste buds and make the season livelier.

The company, Flavor Fog, has for each season of the year a particular flavor. This year the delicious taste of lemon cake give vaper a thrill during the winter. The succulent flavors of strawberry crumble is a joy to vape in the spring season, and who doesn’t like Skittles candy in the summer.

Cavendish tobacco has a fantastic flavor and is perfect to relish in the autumn season when the days are cold, and the rain abundant.

A Fantastic Flavor

Cavendish tobacco is sweet and mild. When you vape, there is a pleasant fresh sensation that invades your mouth and throat. The sweetness is not overpowering, but light. It’s very refreshing to vape.

Vaping Cavendish tobacco on a rainy autumn day will delight your senses and give you a fantastic sensation throughout. The sweet flavor lingers a while in your mouth, enticing you for more.

VG/PG Level

Vapers who like huge cloud production will appreciate the vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio. The VG/PG ratio of 70/30 is perfect for blowing huge clouds. The clouds have a nice thickness and take a while before dissipating into the air.The e-juice is neither too thick or too light. It has a medium thickness level. It’s perfect for sub-ohm vaping and rebuildable dripping atomizers.

Nicotine Strength

Flavor Fog Autumn e-juice comes in three different nicotine strengths; 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. Newbies who just quit smoking, but still have a craving for tobacco find 0 mg of nicotine strength perfect. It’s also for vapers who want to appreciate the full flavor of Cavendish tobacco without any throat hit.  If you’re one of those vapers who like a mild throat hit, you can choose either 3 mg or 6 mg. Both levels of nicotine strength are quite soft. You will delight with the smooth, cool and refreshing sensation of Cavendish tobacco.


The packaging is sleek. Autumn comes in a rectangular cardboard box that has minimalist design. There are adorable patterns that gives the box an elegant appearance. The logo and brand name are printed on the box. You will also notice a notification regarding products containing nicotine.

The CRC Chubby Gorilla bottle has a capacity of 60 ml. The bottle has the same minimalist design as the box. It’s pen-shaped allowing for easy dripping into tanks or atomizers, and there is a childproof safety cap.


Flavor Fog has some of the best prices on the market. For only $20.00, you will enjoy the fantastic flavors of Cavendish tobacco. This is terrific value for money. You will make some tremendous savings. It’s difficult to find a lower price than that for a 60 ml premium-quality vape juice.


Flavor Fog products are premium-quality. The company takes great care to use only the best ingredients sourced domestically in the United States. It has a team that works diligently to produce some of the best flavors on the market.

The sweet flavor of Cavendish tobacco captures the autumn season perfectly. The sweet and mild taste as well as the cooling effect makes any vaper feel relaxed and at ease. You will delight in relishing the fantastic flavor of Cavendish tobacco in the autumn season.  It will make you appreciate better the cold, wet autumn days. You can vape after a nice meal, in the evening or the morning, each time, you will feel revitalized, ready to carry on with your activities.

Autumn, the  Cavendish tobacco flavored e-liquid of Flavor Fog is  among  the top vape juices of 2017. It’s widely popular in the United States and worldwide for its fantastic and refreshing taste. The cool flavor reminds of the season. Flavor Fog specifically chose the nice flavor of Cavendish tobacco for the season of autumn to remind of the process used to make the tobacco sweet similar with the process that starts in autumn to renew the leaves of trees.