Avoiding flavor loss – storing your e-juice the proper way

The storage of vape juice recipes in the right place, like most other flavored food items, can be crucial to the overall product stabilization. Liquid nicotine, which can be found in many e-juices, is under constant threat of oxidation. Naturally this can occur over a certain period of time, taking note of the following can help extend the time:

Keep it away from sun and air – Holding them away from air and light is the first critical step in storing e-liquids. This is because the nicotine found in the e-liquid is oxidized by light and air and hence changes its color. When nicotine is oxidized, cotinine is formed. UV rays further catalyze the oxidation process and improve the production of cotinine by providing the energy needed for that process. By further oxidizing the e-liquid, the less nicotine content is left in it. Although this does not change the e-liquid’s chemical properties, it does affect the e-liquid’s taste and allows it to degenerate far more rapidly.

Many flavors like coffee, chocolate, and tobacco flavors, due to the oxidation process, can also display a change in color to a darker shade. The oxidation cycle can’t be completely stopped, because some amount of oxygen gets stuck in the e-liquid even though you fill it to the brim. You may also mitigate the process’s effects by keeping it away from light. Therefore, holding the e-liquid away from light is strongly recommended, and keeping it airtight.

Use glass not plastics – Cheap plastic bottles can jeopardize the taste of your e-liquids, particularly if they are not stored correctly over a long period of time. If you buy and use the e-liquid immediately this should not be a problem, but if you vape only periodically or turn between several bottles all the time, it should be more of a priority. Pick glass bottles over plastic where possible. Dark glass is best to fly with because it blocks harsh sunlight — good when there are less than optimal storage conditions.

Cabinets – Cabinets are an ideal place to store some material, just as they are perfect for food. Wind penetration, and fast-moving air and sunshine are all greatly reduced. Be sure that the liquids are kept as humanly far from any heat source as possible. Cabinets are a perfect option for your e-juices, in the cool areas of the home, including the basement.

Utility rooms could be the best place to store e-juice, other than a fridge. Sunlight exposure is nearly always avoided, heat tends to stay very small (especially if you have high-efficiency utilities …), and free-flowing air is kept to a minimum.

Your refrigerator and freezers are perfect places where vape juice can be processed. Both heat and sunlight are removed. Oxygen intake is greatly decreased, too. As long vape juice is kept out of reach of children, or anyone under the age of 18 is made aware of the very real risks of nicotine-containing liquids, the refrigerator can be a win-win storage tool.

As you can see, proper storage of your e-liquid bottles is key if you want to continue to enjoy them long after you buy them. But, as fresh is often best, it’s also vital not to over-buy, or make too much at once. If you need e-liquid for your DIY vape juice check out www.flavorah.com