Black Note E-Liquid Brand Review

We finally got a chance to put together a comprehensive Black Note e-liquid review after testing BN for over one week with various devices (ego, mod, vaporizer). This is one of the hottest tobacco e-juices on the market right now, so we were excited to order it and give it a try.

Before BN, we were big fans of other brands such as Five Pawns, Mt Baker Vapor, and VaporFi, but now that we’ve tried Blacknote it’s hard to settle for anything less. Read our full Black Note review to see why we fell in love with Blacknote.

Black Note is widely acclaimed for manufacturing a line of 8 naturally extracted tobacco e-juice flavors that have gone through its unique natural extraction process. This firm has devised an intricate, yet distinctive tobacco extraction process, which ensures very original flavors. Something virtually all of its competitors, globally are hard pressed to imitate.

All of these products are flavored utilizing completely naturally extracted tobacco, that is obtained from many different locations worldwide. This extraction process covers a stretch of six to eight weeks, and it incorporates a “cold maceration” technique to derive the most optimal flavor from tobacco leaves. As such, no heat whatsoever is used in this process, which guarantees that the flavors aren’t bitter or harsh. Quite rather, the cold temperatures that are involved in this natural extraction process facilitate for more subdued authentic flavors.

What makes Black Note different than other e-juice brands?

In essence, Black Note, as a company, is keen on playing a central role in assisting in the creation of a smoke free society. It aims to do this primarily by its efforts to offer to its customers the most original as well as pleasurable alternative to traditional cigarettes. To this end, BlackNote only markets its line of 8 e-juices solely to individuals who are above the age of 18. It has also purposefully steered clear from formulating what are commonly known as “characterizing” e-liquids.

The FDA regards such products to be particularly enticing to minors, and Black Note e-liquid therefore wishes to make its products only appealing to adults. This is a markedly sharp contrast from most of their competition, many of whom are noted for focusing on the production of fruity and inordinately sweet e-liquids.

No chemical additives

At the same time, the e-liquids that BlackNote manufactures are highly noted for been totally devoid of any chemical additives or even artificial flavors. This certainly means that even their mint e-juice flavor is taken through the natural extraction process (the cold maceration extracting process if you can recall).

You will never find additives such as diacetyl, propionyl, acetyl, ethylene, acetoin, glycol, or for that matter, any chemical additives that are in widespread utilization in the production of e-liquids. It is important to note that all these additives have been proven to be very detrimental to the health of e-cigarette users.

To assert this unequivocal commitment to strictly avoid the use of these chemical ingredients, BlackNote has published an independent lab report. Which comprehensively offers redoubtable evidence that all its products are totally devoid of any chemical additives or artificial flavors.

8 Tobacco e-liquid flavors

Like earlier mentioned, this company provides 8 varying and premium e-liquid flavors.

These e-juices are highly acclaimed for been given names based on musical terms. Black Note e-liquid regards the products that it markets to be very similar to the distinctive notes that a saxophone produces. Which cannot be perfectly imitated by modern electrical musical instruments.

This can be likened to how most tobacco based e-juice makers have been unable to mimic the original and distinctive tobacco flavor.

On the other hand, this company claims it has been able to do just that, so they naturally compare their various products to be like the unique notes that are produced by the saxophone. The following are the premium grade e-liquid flavors which manufactures and markets on a global scale. Here’s a quick Black Note review of all their 8 tobacco flavors.

  1. Prelude: an e-liquid flavor made from Italian Virginia tobacco.
  2. Forte: an e-juice flavor made of Burley tobacco.
  3. Cadenza: an e-liquid flavor made of mildly and spicy Basma tobacco.
  4. Bravura: an e-juice flavor made from red Burley that comes with delightful fruit hints.
  5. Sonata: an e-liquid flavor that is extracted from sweet Virginia tobacco.
  6. Adagio: an e-juice flavor that is processed from Havana tobacco.
  7. Legato: an e-liquid flavor that has been extracted from Italian Kentucky tobacco.
  8. Along with Solo; an e-juice flavor that has been made from Virginia tobacco, which comes with menthol oils.

Review of Black Note Solo E-Liquid

Posted: March 17, 2017

The e-juices from Black Note can be succinctly represented as “tobacco juices fit for connoisseurs,” shooting for quality above all else, incorporating naturally-extracted tobacco into their blends for an authentic, sophisticated taste. We’ve given the br& a full rundown in our Black Note review if you want to find out more about the br&. The […]



  • Prelude: Italian Virginia tobacco
  • Forte: Burley tobacco
  • Cadenza: Mildly spicy Basma tobacco
  • Bravura: Red Burley with hints of fruit
  • Sonata: Sweet Virginia tobacco
  • Adagio: Havana Tobacco
  • Legato: Italian Kentucky tobacco
  • Solo: Virginia tobacco with natural menthol oils

Nicotine Options

  • 0mg
  • 6mg
  • 12mg
  • 18mg
  • 24mg

PG VG Ratio

The Black Note PG VG ratio is a 50/50 ratio.


Black Note e-liquids are not cheap at all and are priced as a premium e-liquid. One of their 30ml e-liquids costs $29, but this does include free expedited shipping. If you are unsure which flavor to try, you can get the Black Note Notebook. The Notebook is a taster pack including all eight of their flavors in 7.5ml bottles. This is a fantastic option for those making their first purchase!


As mentioned above all orders in the US get free expedited shipping, which is a nice touch. Shipping to the US should take around 1-3 business days and if it doesn’t arrive in that time, Black Note will give you a full refund and let you keep the e-liquids as a gift. Black Note also delivers around the world, but I am unsure as to how much this costs. International orders are sent via USPS priority international mail. Ours arrived in Germany in around 4 business days!

Process of Making Black Note E-Liquid

For ages past, cigarette smoking has been a prevalent practice among people of diverse ages and nationalities. Unfortunately, this practice, enticing as it has always been, has costed the lives of some people due to the health hazards associated with it. For this it has been of utmost necessity to seek an alternative smoking substitute that is tailor made to suit the tastes of tobacco lovers. As necessity is the mother of invention, this has led to discovery of a superb and healthy alternative to smoking in the form of the e-liquid Black Note. Following is a brief description of how this liquid is made from growth of the tobacco plant to the final product.

1. Tobacco selection and growing

For the production of top-notch quality Black Note e-liquid, the healthiest tobacco varieties have to be selected. A variety of tobacco seeds are cross bred a year before growing the crop. The best seed varieties are grown in a most conducive location for proper growth. The seedlings are then nursed with proper care and transplanted to a green house

2. Leaf curing

Upon the plants maturing and ripening, their leaves are harvested, cured and dried in burns that are specially constructed for this purpose. The types of the tobacco varieties and its features would determine the processes in which the leaves would further undergo. With great supervision to ensure great quality, further maturing and drying of the leaves is done using various methods using the sun, air, fire and so forth

3. Moistening, stripping and sorting

After being cured, the leaves must undergo a moistening process done in moistening chambers in a bid to prevent their possible breakage while handling them due to their fragility at this point. They are then stripped and graded by sorting them out based on their colour, quality and size. Out of these, the best leaves can be selected for the process following.

4. Conditioning and aging

An important aspect of these tobacco leaves is their flavor and aroma. To enhance these, these leaves are conditioned and aged by use of air to fully dry them and adding some uniform amount of moisture to an optimal level. In this optimal moisture level, the tobacco leaves are aged for some extended duration and this allows them to develop the desired flavors and aromas.

5. Blending

To produce unique blends, leaves from diverse growing areas and climatic zones have to be selected and mixed. Each of these blends possesses its own characteristics and flavor notes. Preparing each blend in itself require much expertise.

6. Naturally extracting

The essence of each blend is then extracted through a natural maceration process which starts with 6-8 weeks of steeping in order to create the best tobacco flavor that results in a softer extract with slight variations that preserves the particular flavor notes of each blend. to avoid the end product being bitter , cold extraction is necessary. The extraction being complete, a top quality tobacco with pure flavor is produced

7. Filtering

The already product made so far has to undergo filtering to remove any impurities and contamination. These final processes are done in a lab which must have close supervision to ensure the finest product. The product is devoid of artificial flavors, chemical additives etc

8. Bottling and packaging

The liquid can then be packaged and bottled. Pure glass bottles are recommended to ensure the liquid remains in its purest form. Each bottle can then be encased in a secondary package so as to be protected from light exposures as well as physical damage.

Black Note e-liquid recycling program

This company also strives to play its part in the conservation of the environment. To which end, it has incepted a recycling program where clients get to obtain a 30 ml bottle of e-juice totally for free by sending back five empty tubes.

Hope that this Black Note review was helpful in giving you a general overview of BlackNote tobacco line-up. Vape on!