Black Note Forte Eliquid Review

Black Note has been known to feature all sorts of tobacco-based products, which some of you may have probably never heard of. Forte is a burley tobacco blend that is perfect to be mixed with your other favorite ejuices. Read my review below and see if this is worth the try.

“Burley tobacco, sensationally smooth and subtly sweet, Black Note’s Forte features the full-bodied flavour for which burley tobacco has long been recognized. The tobacco is first cultivated in Naple’s fertile soils, then dried in the shade and patiently air-cured in the region’s fresh air.”

Taste-wise, Forte gives off a subtle and slightly sweet tobacco flavor with a woody and nutty twist. This tobacco flavor, which has been cultivated in the volcanic soils around Naples, has a very rich and flavorful taste that you will surely enjoy. This reminds me of a white burley but with some faint nuttiness to it. Without doubt, you can really tell the tobacco component of this eliquid is legit, with no bitterness or sour taste.

This eliquid runs nice and smooth on the throat. It’s warm and soft, with sweetness packed through and through. What I particularly like is that compared to other vape juices, the sweetness from this juice is not harsh at all. It does not leave your throat feeling scratchy and does not give you any nose tingling sensation or fits of coughing. The throat hit is mild. Just enough to let you know it’s there.

Similar to other vape juice brands, Black Note offers several nicotine level choices to cater to the existing needs of each vaper. Each nicotine level has been matched with different voice types — from the highest pitched soprano to the lower tones of tenor and bass. Of course, the lower the tone, the lower the nicotine content. Forte comes in 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg of nicotine.

The 3 mg level is dubbed as “Mellowed on Baritone,” which is somewhere between the tenor’s tameness and bass’ purity. It suits smokers who are trying to go nicotine-free. The 6 mg level is “Tamer with Tenor” or the highest male voice. This is not too high or too low, and gives a perfect tastefully tame experience. The 12 mg level is “Calming with Contralto,” a perfect tone for a mid-level nicotine blend. This level will keep you feeling soothed.  Lastly, the 18 mg version or “Toning Down to Alto” is certainly a notable player with strong contribution. It gives a soothing sound and is suitable for long-time smokers who are ready to tone down.

Overall, Forte definitely is another well-captured Black Note vape juice. It runs soft and subtle on the throat, with a perfect twist of sweetness that is not overly or overwhelming. This is perhaps one of the most balanced ejuices on Black Note’s line-up. If you ask me, yes, I can vape this all day… all-week even or until I get tired of the flavor. Even if you are not a tobacco lover, Forte is capable of giving you reasons to be one.

You can grab your own 30-mL Forte bottle for only NZD $37.99 at Black Note may require you to shell out just a bit more, but here’s an explanation why this is totally worth every penny spent.

Black Note isn’t just your typical eliquid maker. All its 10 premium tobacco vape juices are flavored using naturally extracted tobacco, which are picked from different parts of the world. What’s more, its entire extraction process takes between 6 and 8 weeks to finish. It also uses a cold maceration process to extract the best of the best flavor. This process is vital to ensure that the vape juice doesn’t taste bitter or harsh.

It takes Black Note 2 to 3 years to finish its entire process. The company also takes pride in producing premium ejuices that do not contain any synthetic flavors, colors, dyes, or any chemical additives. Even Black Note’s mint flavor is naturally extracted using the cold maceration extraction process. Furthermore, Black Note promises that all its ejuices are friendly to your coils and atomizers. It will not make gunk build up on your coils.

Happy vaping!