Bubba Jug Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Review

How about vaping a e juice that gives you dash of nostalgia? Well, the sugary sweet taste of Bubba JUG Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Ejuice will indeed take you back to your kiddy days. That’s because its COTTON CANDY Flavor almost gives you the taste of authentic cotton candy, the same cotton candy that you as a kid used to buy from the ice-cream man who came peddling into your neighborhood.

While the romance with nostalgia is all good, but is this e juice just too sweet to give you a good kick. The answer to this question is a ‘flat no.’ It is certainly not overtly sweet. After vaping this e liquid for almost an entire day, I will describe the sweetness of this vape juice to be pretty balanced, balance enough to make sure that it does not overpower your taste buds. Nor is this Cotton Candy Ejuice in too much hurry to offer you that subtle kick. It makes you wait, though only for few seconds. In those few seconds, it quietly tranquils your senses and only then unleashes the real magic.

The credit of this tranquilizing effect also partly goes to the Blue Raspberry, which evidently is another critical ingredient of this vape juice. But neither Blue Raspberry nor Cotton Candy could have made this flavor so great, had they not been mixed so perfectly. It is their perfect and flawless mixture that this e liquid so successfully manages to bring forth the surreal sweetness.

Talking about vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio, then this stuff boosts standard ratio of 70/30 %. As for nicotine strength, it is available in three options: 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. If you’re someone who has a strong craving for throat hit, then settling for 3mg and 6mg would obviously make good sense. This e juice also boosts pretty good vapor production, thanks to which I was able to inhale lot of vapor after very single puff.

The sale prospects of Bubba JUG Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Ejuice is also boosted by good packaging. The design of a baby bottle with photo of Blue Raspberry does make you very much curious. Although I would not say that the packaging is very much eye catchy, but is surely good enough to generate a sense of curiosity among the first time buyers. The package also enlists the details of all the ingredients and contains that have been used to make this product.

Bubba JUG Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Ejuice is manufactured by a company called Ruthless. Not much is known about this company, apart from the fact that it is an upcoming e juice manufacturer and has already made a name for itself in the market. After vaping several of their e juices, I’ve to admit that this company does strictly adhere to quality.

Smokers and prospective buyers can purchase this vape juice from retail stores and hordes of online shopping websites out there. I would personally recommend to buy it from ejuiceblowout.com, which is a Canadian based website that is known for offering best vape juice deals. I have personally bought several e liquids from this website and have always benefitted from their discounting offers and also prompt delivery.

But what about the price? Is the price of this product too hefty. Well, the cost of this 120 Ml Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy is approximately $50 to $54, but discount lovers can buy it at $32 to $34 on several online shopping websites. As for is this price too hefty, then I won’t say so. In fact, I would say that the price is pretty affordable and justified, especially considering the high quality of this product.

All said and done, I would say that buying this e liquid will surely prove to be a best deal for you. Its incredible sweet taste mingled with the feeling of nostalgia makes this product so much worth it. Buy it, experience it and then you’ll know what I am talking about. Until then you can keep dreaming about that candy man that used to frequently visit your neighborhood. And it is certainly bad idea to go back to those bygone eras.