BullSmoke E Cigs Review

BullSmoke E Cigs Review BullSmoke E Cigs An Instant Classic With Perfect Mix Of Brand Image and Simple, Top-Notch E Cigs Made For America

The Marlboro Man stood for something. His image was a culture-wide symbol of self-respect, courage, and comfort in flannel clothing. Unfortunately, as his brand of tobacco cigarettes has proven to cause lung cancer and his image fades into history; we are left with a hole to fill. We are in need of a new symbol of Western valor, a new brand that can represent everything found in his simplicity and work faded riding jeans.

I believe I have found the brand that can fill that void in today’s electronic cigarette world. Bull Smoke is an emerging e-cig brand with a fresh new take on electronic cigarettes. They aim to blends technological progress with old-world straightforwardness to offer electronic cigarettes at low prices and without deviating from the classic cigarette feeling. As a reviewer that admittedly does enjoy the customization involved in choosing e-cigs, I still admire their quest for simplicity, a recreation of the old cigarette feeling and lower prices. I was intrigued by their branding efforts so I ordered their “Ranch Hand” Starter Kit ($59) to check out and review. I wasn’t disappointed by the product; its simplicity really does create a unique e-smoking experience. So here is my full review on Bull Smoke and their unconventional idea.

Overview and Specs

Bull Smoke e-cigs are your typical kr808d-1model e-cig; they are two-piece devices that consist of the battery and the disposable atomizer/cartridge piece. Bull Smoke tells of their 3.6V battery as if it were a better battery than opposing brands, but unfortunately, 3.6 voltage lithium batteries, once impressive, are pretty much the standard nowadays. However, Bull Smoke offers high-strength cartridges that other brands don’t, which can actually prolong battery life as the user needs to inhale fewer puffs. I definitely did not need to puff on that 24mg cartridge more than a few times to feel the effects, and boy did I feel them.

As mentioned just above, Bull Smoke offers a rare 24mg strength cartridge, but they also offer strengths of 16mg, 12mg, 6mg and 0mg. They also stock a pretty wide range of flavors, including Old West, Texas Tobacco, Ranger, Vanilla, Chocolate, Grape, Menthol, Cherry, Coffee, and Apple. I only received the Old West, Texas Tobacco and Ranger flavors with my kit, and I began to come around to Bull Smoke’s ideas after experiencing the fullness of these original yet classic flavors. For the e-smoker that is looking to recapture his tobacco smoking days, Bull Smoke flavors will take you there.

Bull Smoke simplifies the kit system by offering only two Starter Kits: Ranch Hand and City Slicker. Ranch Hand is the basic one and it comes with 2 batteries, 10 cartridges in Old West, Texas Tobacco and Ranger flavors in varying strengths, as well as a traveling case and chargers for both wall and USB power. City Slicker also comes in 10 cartridges but each cartridge is a different flavor and they are all 16mg strength.


What I Really Enjoyed

Sub-$60 Starter Kit Come with 10 Cartridges and 2 Batteries

Bull Smoke actually doubles the market norm for the amount of cartridges and batteries included in Starter Kit packages. They not only offer 10 full cartridges in their Ranch Hand Starter Kit, but an assortment of three different flavors of those cartridges. Of those ten, five carts are “Old West” flavored, three are “Texas Tobacco” flavored and two are “Ranger” flavored. We’ll get to their interesting flavor line-up in a little bit.

Side note: the City Slicker Starter Kit actually comes with 10 cartridges in 10 different flavors for a real thorough sampling experience.

Many Starter Kits that are under the sixty dollar line only come with one standard sized battery, but Bull Smoke includes two of their 3.6V batteries in the Ranch Hand kit. This means that you can spend under $60 and still have that great option to rotate batteries and keep smoking as the original charges up. I was definitely pleased when I saw that I’d be receiving two batteries, even if I couldn’t choose the color like with other brands. I suppose that’s the whole point of Bull Smoke. Oh and while I’m at it, you can find even more Bull Smoke value by entering one of our 10% off coupon codes into the box when you order a starter kit from their official website.

Option for 24mg Nicotine-Strength Cartridges

While I may not be as hardcore as some of the e-smokers out there, it’s nice to know that I have the option to buy a cartridge that has 24 milligrams of nicotine if I should ever require it. If you’re really looking to take that throat-hit to the next level, this cartridge is for you. I also appreciate that even though it contains such high amounts of nicotine, the price remains the same as all of the other strength cartridges. The Ranch Hand Starter Kit I ordered actually came with all of the various strengths offered by Bull Smoke, and of course, my curiosity got the best of me. I ended up truly feeling like I had just grappled with a prize-fighting bull after loading up my 24mg strength cartridge and puffing deeply.

USB Charger in Each Starter Kit

Bull Smoke not only offers their 10 cartridges and 2 batteries but a USB charger on top of all that. This accessory really helped me out when I was on the go and couldn’t find a plug for the wall charger (also included). In typical $60 starter kits, USB chargers are rare, it’s nice to see this company refuse to cheap out on buyers who invested in their starter kits.

Rating Breakdown for Bull Smoke’s E-Cigs

Appearance/Design/Quality: 9/10

Have to give props to Bull Smoke here, they really created a quality product that emulates the experience of traditional tobacco smoking. The only thing I have to criticize is the lack of customization options for the battery; even though it’s part of their branding, I’d still like the option. Overall a sturdy device that feels nice in your hands, it reminded me of my first cigarette on the fraternity stoop.

Technology/Innovation 7/10

They pretty much stuck to the stock device in terms of trying new technologies. It works well for what they are trying to do, but have to dock them points for lack of innovation. Not to say that the device isn’t technologically up-to-date, it certainly will deliver full-bodied throat hits and good battery life!

Cartridge Strengths/Flavors 10/10

This is really where Bull Smoke went above and beyond. They have a lot of interesting flavors that I’m excited to try, but more importantly, they came up with those 3 creative flavors (Old West, Texas Tobacco, Ranger) that really bring back the taste that nostalgic tobacco smokers will be looking for.

Of course, I can’t forget their prized cartridge, the bad boy 24mg strength cartridge that really tops the market and shows us why their brand logo is a bull breathing smoke.

Price 10/10

Bull Smoke aimed for simplicity and they lowered prices as a result. Their sub-$60 Ranch Hand Starter Kit includes more product for the money than most basic starter kits I’ve seen on the market. Two batteries, ten cartridges, a USB charger and a nice carrying case are well worth the price when compared to a lot of the flashier, overcharging brands out there. And don’t forget that you can find a 10% off coupon right here on our review site, just enter the coupon code if you make a purchase on Bull Smoke’s official website.

Final Word

Bull Smoke is great for the old smoker that wants to quit tobacco but not the tobacco lifestyle; they do a great job of replicating the look, feel and taste of tobacco cigarettes. Their original flavors, simple design, and low price also make this a great purchase for beginning e-cig users. I think this e-cig market could use a little simplicity, and Bull Smoke is a brand that can provide it at a bargain price without sacrificing quality. Don’t forget that if you plan to purchase a Bull Smoke Starter Kit, you can save an additional 10% by entering the coupon code found on our site.