CBD Vaping Guide For Beginners

If you are considering taking a part in one of the most popular and effective methods of CBD consumption – vaping, then you should know everything about it before you dive in, just so you can get it right even if you are an absolute beginner. Without further ado, here are the things that you should know before vaping CBD. 

How Do You Know The Best CBD Vape Juice

Looking for the best CBD oil for your vaporizer can be challenging if you don’t even know what to look out for. This is why I will be helping you out with that.

  1. Check For Mixture Consistency: Good vape juice should look consistent all through and not separate into layers. The problem with this is that when you vape, you end up with uneven concentrations of CBD. 
  2. Check If The Vape Juice Is Clear: Hold the vape juice bottle up to the light. If the light passes through it without any hindrance, then that is a good sign. Cloudy vape juice is usually a ‘no’ because it sometimes means that the vape juice is dirty and you do not want to be inhaling any unknown substances.
  3. Check How The CBD Is Sourced: Since most of the market is unregulated, you want to make sure whatever manufacturer you are sourcing your CBD vape juice from tells you everything about how the CBD came from the plant down into that bottle.
    CBD Vaping Guide For Beginners
  4. Check The Label: Make sure whatever product you are getting matches up to their label claims. The only way to do this is to check the lab reports. Manufacturers like CBDFX take their products through reputable third-party laboratory testing and they provide the results on their website. If a manufacturer does not provide these results, it is a bad sign and you should stay away. 

Can CBD Oil Work In My Vaporizer?

The first question will be what type of vaporizer you are using. You should know that most CBD vape juice is not particularly good for most vaporizers. Sub-ohm tanks are completely out of the case, they are not suited for CBD vaping at all. This leaves you with three types of vape devices: Disposables, Pod Kits, and Starter Kits.

You have probably heard about the easy-to-use devices that feature a prefilled ejuice pod and non-rechargeable battery. Disposables are perfect for beginners and for vapers that do not like the stress associated with vaping in terms of maintenance, recharging, and refilling. Once you are done with the pre-filled vape juice, you can simply dispose of it.

Pod devices come in two varieties. One version comes with pre-filled cartridges that you buy separately, the other comes with refillable pods and is considerably more cost-effective. Both versions are rechargeable so you have to only worry about charging, and for the version with refillable pods, changing the coils once in a while.

Complete Guide To Vaping CBD

Starter kits are probably one of the most popular versions considering the name itself sounds like they are designed for an absolute beginner. They feature a refillable ejuice tank and a rechargeable battery and sometimes offer more versatility than pod devices. 

Check with your CBD vape juice and your vaporizer, if your vape juice contains high levels of vegetable glycerin (VG), then it may not suit a cotton wicked vaporizer as when the ejuice dries, the wick is condemned. Your best choice will be a vaporizer that does not feature ceramic coils. 


When it comes to CBD, there is no such thing as too much information especially when you are just starting. A good rule of thumb before starting to use CBD is to check with your doctor for professional advice. You also want to start with low doses so your body can build its tolerance to CBD and then slowly build from there.