Cheap EJuice Sour Apple Eliquid Review

I have always head that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. People certainly love apples. In fact, it is dubbed as the most popular fruit in the produce department and the second most popular fruit item in the US. Apples are packed with some serious punch of fiber and nutrition and contain very little sugar. There are actually different kinds of apples, and this includes the sour green apple. While old timers had a use for this to make apple cider, it can also make a very delicious ejuice.

The “Sour Green Apple by Cheap eJuice is a sour green apple flavored e-juice that you will never want to put down. This is a great all day vape that is perfect for summer.”

Actually, you really do not have to wait for summer to vape this baby. It’s great for all seasons and is perfect all day and all night especially if you are into sweet and sour flavors.

This is not surprising but the green apple is the most prominent flavor during a smell test. You will capture all the sweetness, tartness, and sourness inside the bottle. And just like its taste, the green apple is still the most prevalent and you will never miss that.

Vaping it, my very first reaction was “WOOOW!” This bottle surely is packed with a delicious sour green apple flavor in it. This is what I call the perfect blend of sweet and sour. The sweetness in this Sour Apple e-liquid is natural in a way and non-throat irritating. As a long-time vaper and reviewer, perhaps one of the signs that there is a lot of extra sweetener in your ejuice is when it ruins your coil and cotton. But in all fairness, this one’s pretty clean. I tried dripping it more than half a day, and my cotton still looks nice.

Speaking of throat hit, this delivers a smooth vape on the throat and nose. Basically, the same thing is going on the inhale and exhale. The sweet green apple is right up front going in. Then the sourness and tartness start to appear going out, particularly on the tail end part. Flavor is almost like a green apple, and that is very impressive.

The Sour Apple ejuice, a part of its Sour Flavors collection, contains 65% vegetable glycerin and 35% propylene glycol. However, I have to say that in terms of vapor production, this baby is no slouch and performs better than a normal 65VG/35PG blend would do. If I tried guessing the ratio myself, I would have gotten it all wrong.  Clouds are humongous and dense, and they do not dissipate quickly.

As for the nicotine strength level, the Sour Apple ejuice has two choices on the market – 3 mg and 6 mg. While both levels are categorized under the lightest, they can deliver a non-disappointing full flavor. For total vaping newbies, I suggest you start at the lowest level then gradually find your way up if you find the hit insufficient. Previous smokers tend to start at high level as this mimics the nicotine hit from cigarettes.

Sour Apple e-liquid by Cheap EJuice is presented in a 120-mL chubby gorilla bottle. While it may not look as sophisticated as the glass bottle type, I find this way more convenient and economical. You can easily place this inside your pocket or small purse without worrying about possible breakage. Squeezing out the juice from the bottle is also made easier thanks to its needle nose tip. And while it is always important to keep this away from children, its child-resistant cap will double that security measure just in case.

Appearance-wise, the label displayed outside the bottle is simple and straightforward. The front part has the brand name, logo, flavor name, and content size. While the sides contain other information like expiration date, manufacturing date, the usual warnings, and nicotine strengths.

After all these reviews, what I am most excited to talk about is its price. Tags are always a big decision factor especially for those who are in a budget. But the Sour Apple e-liquid by Cheap E-Juice sure is packed with some awesome and juicy treats as well. For as low as $12.99, you can get your own 120-mL of this blend.