Esco Bars Mesh And Mega Disposable Review

Branding of products remains the most unique feature to put on a product for identification purposes, and the Esco bars seem to have gotten the idea in the best way. The brand soars high when it comes to aesthetic packaging, advertising, and delivering customer-oriented products. Esco Bar has remained on top of the market since its establishment and has earned itself a reputation as the go-to brand for premium vapes. 

Esco bars has put effort into creating new devices and equipping the older devices with new features to beat the rest of the brands in the industry, a trick that has always worked in their favor. The Esco Bar mesh and mega disposable are proof of the continuing effort by Esco Bars to produce top-tier devices. If you are looking for your next favorite vape, you are in the right place. This review looks at all the features you can expect from these two devices – Esco Bars mesh and mega disposables.


Draw-activated firing mechanism.

The firing of a disposable ought to be made easier for first-timers so that they can have an easier time navigating the device. Esco bars mesh and mega disposables use the draw-activated mechanism as an alternative. With this technology, it is easier and time-saving to fire up the disposable. All you need to do is place your lips on the mouthpiece and take a draw.

Puffs per unit

So many devices have come up with different puff counts per unit, creating very stiff competition. Esco bars mesh and mega disposables provide up to 2500 puffs per unit and 5000 puffs per unit, respectively. With this high puff count, you are guaranteed an all-day-long vaping experience with hefty clouds.

E-juice capacity

Vape juice is the backbone of a disposable, and it greatly influences the popularity of a device in the face of competition by other disposables in the industry. A higher vape juice capacity guarantees an amazingly long vaping session, with a lower vape juice capacity yielding fewer vaping hours. 

Esco bars mesh disposable has a vape juice capacity of 6ml, yielding a fairly long vaping session with adequate cloud production, while Esco bars mega disposable vape has an extremely large vape juice capacity of 14ml. 

Battery capacity

Battery capacity is directly proportional to the longevity of a vaping session, and Esco bars has successfully designed its disposables with the most incredible battery capacities in the industry. The Esco bars mesh disposable vape has a capacity of 1100mAh. 

The Esco bars mega disposable vape has a capacity of 600mAh, which directly translates to averagely long hours of vaping and voluminous cloud production to please the cloud chasers. The Esco Bar mega disposable is rechargeable, ensuring you enjoy every bit of your vape juice. 

Nicotine Strength

Esco bars mesh and mega disposable vapes are made with 50mg of nicotine salt, enough to satisfy your nicotine craving in every draw and puff. This nicotine strength is the most common among disposables and delivers optimum satisfaction to vapers.


Esco bars mesh and mega disposables have the most luscious flavors blended in to strike the best balance of tastes between different fruits. The flavors include apple grape ice, peach blue raspberry, peach pineapple ice, strawberry watermelon ice, strawberry raspberry cherry ice, and watermelon kiwi ice.


The Esco Bars mesh and mega disposable vapes are feature-rich, which makes your vaping sessions exceptional. The mouthwatering range of flavors will definitely keep you coming back for more. These vapes are highly recommended.

Where to purchase Esco Bars mesh and mega disposable vapes

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