Esmoke – The World’s Leading E-Cigarette

Esmoke knows that e-cigarettes are the future for smokers. Companies and establishments around the world are slowly changing their views, banning smoking inside their places of businesses. The world is going green, but smokers do not have to be left behind. Even the most basic Esmoke electronic cigarette kit will have a smoker ready to go the moment it arrives.Esmoke e-cigs feature all the taste that comes with enjoying tobacco, minus the ash and the trash. They also produce no smoke whatsoever, allowing smokers to enjoy their e-cigs wherever they please. It comes in a number of flavors, which includes vanilla, chocolate, and classic tobacco. They are always ready to ship.

The world has met and welcomed Esmoke. First of all, their shipping is extremely efficient. People do not have to wait long to enjoy their Esmoke electronic cigarettes. The quality of their product demands improved shipping. Most electronic smokers will appreciate the high quality of the product. The first thing they would notice is the atomizer. Other companies have a simple filament placed beneath the cartridge, which does not work that well.Esmoke delivers quality where it counts. They do not give out twenty puff cartridges – they give out a brand new atomizer for every cartridge. Even the way it is built is superior to other products. It is not made of cheap plastic like much of the competition. Esmoke cartridges are different and buying another product would be an inefficient way to throw money down the drain.

Recently, more and more smokers are suffering from the stigma of simply enjoying nicotine and tobacco. Sometimes they are even called evil. Electronic cigarettes can give them peace from those who would persecute them. Electronic cigs are a socially acceptable replacement, one that produces no smoke and ash so no one is hassled. Many smokers who have tried out other electronic cigarette brands have only ended up staying with Esmoke.Users can purchase one of three starter kits – express, basic, and advanced. The express starter kit comes with two cartridges (which are equal to three packs of cigarettes), a USB charger and a single lithium battery. The basic kit is their most popular option. It comes with five cartridges, easily the equal of eight packs of tobacco cigarettes. It comes with everything in the express kit, plus a wall charger, a manual, and an Esmoke membership card. The advanced kit comes with everything in the last two kits, plus an additional lithium battery.

They also offer premium starter kits – Express, XL and XXL. The PRO express starter kit from Esmoke is best for serious enthusiasts, includes everything in their advanced starter kit, although it only has three cartridges. It does, however, come with a beautiful carrying case for the smoker on the go. The PRO XL kit adds a second short lithium battery and a portable charging case. The PRO XXL starter kit brings everything that an electronic cigarette smoker would enjoy to the table. It comes with everything the other kits have, plus an additional fifty cartridges.In a word, this product is amazing and worth a look from smokers who want to try it.