Fat Boy E-Liquid by Nasty Juice Review

Fat Boy by Nasty Juice is a unique mango e-liquid. You will want to savor every hit when vaping it. This vape juice is a combination of ripe tropical mango and a bit of menthol flavor. It is a yummy and mouthwatering blend.  The delicious sweet taste of this e-juice fills your mouth from your first hit. Fat Boy has a naturally sweet taste. It does not come off like candy. You get the same authentic flavor from Fat Boy whether you are vaping at a high or low wattage. This is one of those vape juice blends that you can vape all day long without getting tired of how it tastes. If you have a thing for mangoes, this is an e-liquid for you.

Fat Boy is manufactured in Malaysia by Nasty Juice. This vape juice company is one of the biggest in the Asian continent. Vapers across the world have fallen in love with the delicious e-liquids produced by Nasty Juice. Nasty Juice uses only the finest ingredients to make its e-liquid flavors. Apart from Fat Boy, some other e-liquids from Nasty Juice are ASAP Grape, Cush Man, Slow Blow, Devil Teeth, and Bad Blood.

You can get a 60ml bottle of Fat Boy by Nasty Juice from the Vape Club Malaysia online store for only $15.02. This is a bargain price for this product. VapeClubMY is the number one store to get exotic e-liquids at bargain prices. This November, this shop is offering some amazing Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals for e-liquids.

Fat Boy by Nasty Juice tastes like a bite into a soft, ripe mango. The taste of this e-liquid does not change much on the inhale and exhale. You get the same sweet mango taste. The sweetness is not too intense. The mint flavor comes out more on the exhale. Overall, this vape juice is very enjoyable. Fat Boy is a summertime vape. It will keep you feeling refreshing during the hot days.

Fat Boy by Nasty Juice has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) of 70/30. This vape juice is somewhat thick, but you will have no issues vaping it with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or a sub ohm tank. This is not one of those e-liquids that will stain your coils quickly. You can vape Fat Boy for some time before you will need to change your wicking material or clean your coils. Fat Boy is every cloud chaser’s dream. This e-liquid produces dense clouds of vapor that will quickly fill your room.

Fat Boy by Nasty Juice is produced with high-quality nicotine. This mango e-liquid comes with three different nicotine concentration levels. You can opt for either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This vape juice has a smooth and mild throat hit. I did not experience any harshness in my throat when vaping it – even when I increased the wattage. If you are not satisfied with the throat hit that you get from this e-juice, you can mix it with a nicotine booster or another e-liquid that contains higher nicotine concentration levels.

Fat Boy by Nasty Juice has a classic packaging design. This e-liquid comes in an aluminum cone with the Nasty Juice logo on it as well as some colorful designs and other basic information about the product. Inside the container, you will find an aluminum bottle with a dropper cap. The bottle has the Nasty Juice logo and all the usual information. You can conveniently refill your tank or dripper using the dropper cap that comes with the bottle.

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