FORGE Super Sampler Review

FORGE Super Sampler Review

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FORGE Super Sampler clubs together five deliciously breathtaking flavors in one pack. These five flavors are Georgia Striker, Melon Quench, Blueberry Boss, Smith’s Apple, and Crucible Cream. Each flavor in this super sampler offers refreshingly sweet taste, making it a perfect choice for all those who are fond of sweet flavors. Each flavor in this pack also offers memorable high temperature vaping experience. This is the trademark quality of every Forge product.

Forge Vapor, for anyone who does not know, is a promising U.S e-liquid company that today has become synonymous with top class high temperature vaping juices. If high temperature vaping juice is your thing, then you simply cannot afford to shy away from Forge products. All its products are handcrafted to offer high temperature vaping experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime.


Almost all flavors in Forge Super Sampler offer heavenly sweet taste. Be it Blueberry Boss that fuses together blueberries and dairy cream to create perfect sweet taste or Smith’s Apple that offers sweetness of green apple. However, no flavor is overly sweet as all of them offer a balanced sweet taste. All flavors are equally very smooth and stay in mouth for very long time. This will ensure that vapers enjoy a satisfying and fulfilling vaping experience from each flavor. The good thing is that they won’t experience any chemical aftertaste from any of the flavors.

This vaping experience will only get better after vapers get to enjoy the memorable vaping experience at high temperatures. As mentioned above, all forge products have been designed to offer optimum performance at higher temperatures.

Nictoine strength

All flavors in this super pack come in three nicotine strengths; omg, 3mg, and 6mg.The 6mg nicotine level is recommended to those who are habitual smokers and always crave for strong throat hit. This flavor passes smoothly through the throat and does not cause any burning or itching sensation.

Vapor production

Cloud chasers won’t feel let down by Forge Super Sampler. Each flavor in this super sampler boasts great vapor production. You’ll get a lot of massive clouds after every single hit. The good thing is that these massive clouds don’t fade away instantly, but continue to linger in the air for long time. As a result, the pleasant aroma that every flavor brings forth does not fizzle out too quickly. It stays long enough to offer you a satisfying and fulfilling vaping experience.


FORGE Super Sampler comes with trademark packaging design. The package has a photo of a thermometer accompanied by a picture of raging fire in the background. The package is spot on as far as catering to desired target audience is concerned. It is also good thing that there is nothing fancy or over-the-top about the packaging.
All flavors are packed in glass bottles. The label of Forge Company is pasted on all these glass bottles. The bottles also clearly mention warnings, recommendations and important ingredients used in making these e-liquid products.


Forge Super Sampler will turn out to be great investment, especially if you choose to buy at This super sampler pack is available for only $20.00 on To get 5 delicious flavors at such discounted price is indeed worth the investment. passionately believes in the noble philosophy of selling premium vape flavors at wholesale prices. It puts this philosophy in practice by cutting down on middle man’s cost and passing the benefit to the final consumers. This online store offers free shipping service on orders beyond $5. Importantly, it boasts avery good track record in prompt delivery and reliable customer service.


All those who can’t resist sweet flavors and the high-temperature vaping experience should not think twice before buying this product. The vaping experience offered by each flavor is simply outstanding and exceptional. The different shades of taste that each flavor offers at different temperatures certainly make for memorable vaping experience.

All the 5 top vape flavors included in this pack are spot-on when it comes to offering delicious and authentic taste. The good thing is that you won’t have to pay hefty money to buy this stuff. As mentioned above, FORGE Super Sampler is available at a wholesale price on All price conscious vapers will surely find this e liquid simply irresistible.