Hohm Life 18650 3015mAh 22.1A Battery (2-Pack) by Hohm Tech Review

Hohm Life 18650 3015mAh 22.1A Battery is specially crafted for electronic cigarette devices, using advanced formulation by Hohm Tech. It is made using standard NMC chemistry formulation where the electrical charge is stored in inert manganese compounds. Enhanced levels of cobalt and nickel are used apart from the NMC standard elements. Custom bonding agents are also used to improve battery performance.

The perfect combination of proprietary components and other elements made Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 Battery one of a kind. The maximum capacity of the battery is 3015mAh and it follows Indonesia Chemistry standards holding 22.1A CDR rating. Cutoff limits are implemented for ensuring utmost safety if the battery outdoes 80oC or exceeds 2.8V at 30A for Ev DC and Ev power.  It is capable to handle 31.5A loads at 5 seconds and 30 seconds off. The battery is equipped with high-drain competence to discharge the current via a diligent flat-top design safely.

Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 Battery (2-Pack) Features:

  • Model: Life
  • Size: 18650
  • Style: Flat Top
  • Protected: UNPROTECTED
  • Nominal Capacity: 3015mAh
  • Max Charge Rate: 4.43A
  • Discharge Current: 22.1A Max Continuous, Rated with 31.5A Max Pulse
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
  • Maximum Voltage: 4.2V
  • Cutoff Voltage: 1.95V
  • Cycle Life Retention: 500 @ ≥70%, 1000 @ ≥60%
  • Chemistry Type: QSP Li-NMC
  • Approximate Dimensions: 18.23mm x 65.12mm
  • Approximate Weight: 44.73g

Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 3015mAh 22.1A Battery (2-Pack) is one of the most preferred products among vape enthusiasts. Premium quality materials used for construction, technique, consistency in performance, and reliability are also worth mentioning features. These high-drain rechargeable LI-ION batteries are perfect to feed insanely power-hungry devices, easing the trouble of swapping the batteries frequently.

The main feature of these batteries to be specified is the capability to charge at 4.4 amperes. Hohm Life’s 4.4A charging capabilities are tested and certified by third-party agencies. Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 Batteries are tested and certified EN62133, UN38.3, UL1642, and IEC62133 2nd Edition. These batteries meet the specified standards for TID2, DLr1, CLR4, PVDL3, and Temperature (°C). H. All these features make this battery perfect for use in high-wattage devices that require consistent power. If you are tired of swapping batteries now and then for your high wattage device, then try Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 3015mAh battery. Certainly, you will be amazed by seeing its extraordinary performance.

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