How to Get Started with E-Cigs ?

Getting to know the functions of each component of an ecig is the best possible way to get started. Ecigs are typically powered by rechargeable batteries, they also include components such as atomizers, cartridges, juice compartment or tank, adapter, and a manual. In order to start using an ecig, you need to ask yourself the following questions;

• What is an ecig?
• What do I need to get started with ecigs?
• How long will my ecig battery last?
• What types of e-liquid flavours are available?
• How do I take care of my ecigs?
What is an e-cig?
Ecigs are digital versions of the traditional cigarettes, however they are different in the sense that they are longer, larger and packed with several accessories. It comes with a customizer , also known as the tank that contains the eliquid which is flavoured- this gives you the taste and feel of the cigarette. The e-liquid is usually heated by the coil and that result in the production of vapour that is inhaled by th smoker.

What do I need to get started with e-cigs?
As a beginner , you will need a ecig starter pack to get started, this starter pack will normally include all accessories needed. Your ecigarette must come with a pack containing a battery ( some packs will provide an extra battery), a tank for storing the juice( atomizer), an adapter for charging your cigarette, and cartridges. Most ecigs will have USB ports that allow you to connect them to the computer and charge their battery compartments.
How long will my e-cig battery last?
The lifespan of your ecig battery will naturally depend on how long you take a drag. The battery is normally pre-charged to last for the first 24 hours , therefore you don’t have to charge the battery of a new cigarette. Generally, the larger the mAh rating of your ecig battery, the longer they will last. To make your ecig batteries last longer, you need to ensure that the battery runs out of charges before you recharge them. Recharging your ecig batteries when they are half-full can reduce their lifespan significantly.
What types of e-juice flavours are available?
The best possible way to enjoy vaping is to experiment with several eliquids. Unlike traditional cigarettes, ecigs will provide you with fruity, sweet and spicy flavours, depending on the brand of ecig you buy. Most ejuices are made from a blend of Vegetable Glycerin(VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG)- VG juices are non-allergenic and everyone can use it while PG juices have been linked with dry mouth for some people. PG juices are believed to wear out clearomizers faster because they produce thicker smokes.
How do I take care of my e-cigs?
Ecigs are best stored in cool dry places. The e-cigs must be disconnected from any electrical circuit when not in usage