Humble Juice’s Pay Day E-liquid Review

Ingredients Natural & Artificial Flavoring, USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerine, and USP NicSelect Nicotine

Manufacturing Vape Company

Humble Juice Co is a vape company whose products focus on top quality vape juices. They are located in California, USA. This private company has made its name as a supplier of popular e-juices within the vaping community. They have been in the industry for several years now, and they continue to innovate products for their market. The Pay Day flavor is included in their Hustle collection. Humble is selling to wholesalers and end users alike. They have special prices for re-sellers and good deals for by piece orders. Now and then, they do special deals on their products so better be on the watch. Their website is user-friendly and doesn’t need you to be tech savvy to be able to navigate through. One more thing that surprises me is how terrific their service is. A friend of mine got the order wrong, and they replaced it without any hassle. Having experienced dealing with Humble firsthand, I can now understand why they have made a good mark in the vaping industry.


I got my haul on sale, so it was a good buy! From $15.99 to only $4.99, this was one of my wisest buys online. Keep an eye out for this company’s online deals as they offer one from time to time.


The Hustle collection including Pay Day has uniform packaging. They are bottled in one size only at 60 ml net content each. They are stored in clear high-grade plastic bottles. The Pay Day has a runny consistency even with high Vegetable Glycerin content. The packaging’s label has the Hustle logo printed in green. Beneath it, you can see the name of the flavor which is Pay Day. Then, on the other side, you can read out the warning labels directed by the government on vaping products. I like how this looks because of the color accent which is my favorite color. Anything green is enticing to my eyes.

Flavor and Taste

If there is one flavor that caught my attention when I skimmed through Humble’s website, it would be the Pay Day. Who doesn’t like honey and milk together? What more for your vape liquid, right? This is one of the popular flavor profiles in the vaping industry. Out of all that I have tasted, it is this flavor from the Hustle line that I like best. The flavor is so spot on. Humble is correct when they say they nailed it. The sweetness of the honey is combined perfectly with the milky goodness. It is so delicious! This is an instant ADV for me. On another note, I can taste a bit of coconut along with the creaminess. Towards the finish, I can also savor a small hint of nuttiness. All these flavors are so heavenly!

Throat Hit

For me, the ceiling nicotine content I can take is only up to 3 mg. Beyond that range, it will easily dry up my throat and irritate it. Of course, I got the 3 mg for Pay Day. The TH suits well with the flavor. I like how the throat hit adds boldness to the flavor; it is mild yet delivers the punch. It just keeps getting better with this e-juice. With the way things are going, it’s safe to say that this is the best vape juice for milky flavors.

Vapor Production

I fired this with my RDA with half open airflows, and the outcome is heavenly. I get big clouds that build up fast and stay up in the air.  The vapor production is thick and dense. This is what a cloud chasers fantasy is made of. The scent is very mild, too. It is not too sweet. The smell reminds me of sweetened milk. This vape juice is also coil/dripper friendly. It does not clog my coils quickly.

You should not wait for payday to decide on buying this product. The Pay Day is good for an all day vape especially for those milk/cream based flavor lovers out there.