Hustle Juice Co. Jackpot E-Liquid Review

Jackpot by Hustle Juice Co. is a jackpot blend. This e-liquid was made for vapers with a sweet tooth. It is a blend of donut and raspberry flavor. I am excited to see how Hustle Juice Co. mixed both flavors. Read on and find out what I have to say with this vape juice.

According to the Humble Juice store, Jackpot E-juice is “A tasty raspberry filled donut with icing! Our newest flavor to the Hustle collection.”

Truly, Jackpot E-liquid is a decadent dessert blend. Vaping it feels like you have just landed in dessert paradise. On the inhale, you get the taste of a fresh donut. The taste is rich and fluffy. Then, on the exhale, the sweet and bright taste of raspberry icing follows. All I can say is WOW!

Jackpot e-juice is the best of both worlds. The two flavors are nicely blended so that one does not overpower the other. The taste is spot on. Also, did I mention how good it smells?

Jackpot e-juice is a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol. Thanks to its high vegetable glycerin content, you can expect billowing clouds of vapor from this e-juice. Cloud chasers will enjoy this blend. It can fill your room with vapor in just a few puffs. This e-juice has a mild throat hit.

Jackpot is available with different nicotine strength levels. It comes with 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine. This vape juice runs nice and smooth on the throat with no episodes of coughing or spluttering. The intensity of the throat hit is just right. It is not irritating on the throat at all.

This vape juice performs well on either an RDA or a tank. However, I would recommend the RDA if you want a more intense flavor experience. Another nice thing is that even though this is jam-packed with sweetness, it does not gunk up your coil or wick.

Like other Hustle Juice Co. e-liquids, Jackpot e-liquid comes in a gorilla bottle with a child-proof cap. It has a narrow drip tip that allows you to transfer the e-liquid into your device without spilling a drop. The packaging design of this e-liquid pretty simple and attractive. There is a label on the bottle with the Humble Juice logo and other information about the product like the flavor name and more.

Head over to the Humble Juice Company online store now to grab a bottle of Jackpot. A 60-mL bottle of this e-juice costs only $15.99 at this store. This is a bang for your bucks.

Overall, Jackpot by Humble Juice Co. will make a great addition to your sweet e-juice collection. It will go well with your morning coffee. The only drawback for this e-juice is that the 60-mL bottle will not last that long. Yes, you can still share with your friends, but the flavor is so good, I do not want it to finish!

But I think Hustle Juice Co. has one good remedy to that problem through its Humble BOGO deal. If you buy one 60-mL bottle of Jackpot e-juice, you will get another 60-mL bottle for free!

If you want a more varied flavor, you can pair your Jackpot e-juice with other Hustle Juice flavors. Humble Juice has many other impressive e-liquids in its Hustle e-liquid line including Bankrupt, Stacking, 777, All In, Checkmate, Got Dough, Dreamer, High Roller, Pay Day, Morning Grind, Sugar Daddy, and The Grind. All these e-liquid flavors are worth trying.

What are you still waiting for? I suggest you take advantage of the Humble BOGO deal and try some e-liquids from this company.