Hyde N-Bar Recharge Disposable Vape Review

The Hyde N-Bar recharge disposable vape is a premium vaping device that is taking the market by storm. The vape is a true representation of the impressive portfolio of the Hyde vapes brand. The Hyde N-Bar vape is more compact, portable, and sleeker compared to previously released vapes from this brand. The device is ergonomically designed to provide comfort and style to every vaper. Its minute size makes it suitable for vapers who are always on the go.

Despite its size, the Hyde N-Bar is packed with features that set it apart from the competition. The device delivers impeccable performance that keeps vapers coming back for more and more. The cloud and vapor production is insanely impressive. Each flavor comes out clearly thanks to the attention and time taken to create the tastes. 

Hyde disposable vape comes with an integrated 600mAh battery. The battery is rechargeable, which ensures you enjoy every bit of the vape juice. The vape juice is infused with 50mg of salt nicotine and guarantees up to 4500 puffs. With this device, you can be assured that your nicotine cravings are sorted. 

The device comes pre-charged and pre-filled, making it a top choice for new vapers. Its disposable nature allows vapers to enjoy a refreshing vaping experience and dispose of it once the e-liquid runs out. The Hyde N-Bar recharge disposable vape comes in over 23 flavors, giving vapers a wide range of choices to choose from. 

What flavors does the Hyde N-Bar recharge disposable vape come in?

1. BANANA AND CREAM: enjoy a delicious mixture of banana and cream that will offer a great taste.

2. RASPBERRY WATERMELON: a mixture of juicy watermelon and raspberries.

3. BANANA ICE: a mixture of banana and a bone-chilling mix of menthol.

4. STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM: a combination of strawberry and ice finish.

5. CHERRY PEACH LEMONADE:  delicious cherry, tart lemon, and peach.

6. SOUR APLE ICE: green sour apple flavor with menthol.

7. STRAWBERRY BANANA: a sweet combination of banana and strawberry.

8. STRAWBERRY KIWI: kiwi paired with fresh strawberries.

9. SUMMER LUV: citrus fruits for summer days.

10.  MANGO PEACHES AND CREAM: a flavor of peach, juicy mango with a creamy finish.

11. PEACH MANGO WATERMELON: blended mango, watermelon, and peach.

12.  ALOE GRAPE: sweet and tangy flavors of grape and aloe.

13.  Hyde N-Bar OJ DISPOSABLE VAPE: offers a citrus sunset flavor that is perfect for the morning or whenever you like.

14. STRAWBERRY GUAVA ICE: a flavor of guava, menthol, and strawberry.

15. BLUE RAZZ LEMONADE: a mixture of sour lemon, and sweet blue razz.

16. Hyde N-Bar ENERGIZE DISPOSABLE VAPE: it gives you a taste like your energy drink.

17. Hyde N-Bar PEACH DISPOSABLE VAPE: a classic flavor for the pure peach.

18. CARRIBEAN COLADA:  brings a colada flavor from a mixture of fruit flavors.

19. Hyde N-Bar TROPICAL DISPOSABLE VAPE: a blend of tropical flavors.

20. Hyde N-Bar BRAZMALLOWS DISPOSABLE VAPE: a mixture of mallow flavor to present a light and creamy taste.

21. Hyde N-Bar MINTY O’S DISPOSABLE VAPE: a simple, sweet spearmint flavor.

22. BLUE RAZZ ICE: a mixture of blue raspberry, and menthol.

23. Hyde N-Bar DEWBERRY DISPOSABLE VAPE: a blend of melons, berries, and honeydew.

Hyde N-Bar recharge disposable vape features:

· 4500 puffs per disposable

· 10ml E-liquid capacity

· Integrated 600mAh rechargeable battery

· Micro USB port( not included)

· Draw activated firing mechanism

· 5%/50mg salt nicotine strength

· Smok nord style design

Where to purchase the Hyde N-Bar recharge disposable vape

You can purchase the Hyde N-Bar recharge disposable vape from the West Coast Vape Supply website for $11.99.