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Ratings List- (Not all Ratings have been Reviewed Yet)

I have visited a number of other e-liquid review blogs and websites, including the industry leader on the subject; e-cigarette-forum.com. While I don’t wish to disparage these writers’ quality articles and thorough synopses, I haven’t been able to locate a list, alphabetical by brand name and flavor/mix, which I can use for purposes of quick, efficient, pre-purchasing research. The database I provide here lists all of my ratings and brief reviews, all ordered alphabetically, of course, first by brand name and second by the “model”/title/name given to each individual flavor or proprietary mix. In time, I plan to provide a click-through link for each and every e-juice on the list for users to read my extended reviews on whichever liquid they are interested in learning more about. Another link will be provided that will redirect to the manufacturers website. Please feel free to download this list on a regular basis (it will be updated every time I review a new e-juice) and use it in your search for the ultimate e-juice.

Key to Rating List

My list of reviews requires an understanding of the categories and rating methods used. The list itself is organized alphabetically by Brand Name/Manufacturer first, then by the Type or “name” of each e-juice, whether it’s an actual flavor or the name of a proprietary blend, like “Khlorine” by VapeTrik (which keeps the vaper guessing which flavors were used in its production). The Flavor Strength refers to the noticeablity of the presence of flavor, not my subjective opinion of the flavor. Throat Hit is not rated according to my preference for stronger or weaker inhalation sensations, but rather to how close the throat hit is to the sensation of smoking a standard, quality cigarette (Marlboro Red, Camel Filter, etc.) My column entitled Vapor Production simply rates the thickness and appearance of the vapor produced by the e-juice as the e-cigarette is vaped. Finally, the most complicated and subjective category in my rating process is the Olfactory rating, which I use to review the pleasantness/strength of the scent given off by the e-liquid, both before and after vaping, as well as the aroma/flavor experience during inhalation. When I test an e-juice, I use my nose as much as I use my taste buds, so I rely heavily on the olfactory senses while tasting. The so-called “French Inhale” is necessary to my process, much more so than during the smoking of analog cigarettes. The final rating category is Steeping, which I rate exactly the same way I rate Flavor Strength, only after I’ve allowed the e-juice to steep for a day or two.

Additionally, I’d like to mention that the maximum score for any bottled e-juice used for the purpose of refilling clearomizers, cartomizers, cartridges, etc. is 500. Anything over 400 is good, but if the juice receives a score below 400, unless your favorite flavor is only available in that brand’s particular e-juice, I would recommend not bothering with it. E-liquids that come integrated in a disposable cigarette, or pre-loaded cartridge, can only receive a maximum score of 400, because it isn’t feasible to steep e-liquid that can’t be exposed to the elements in the proper manner appropriate to effective steeping. Next, I have included a check-box (Boolean category) for Voltage Change/responsiveness to variations in voltage, the answer to which is not included in the scoring for each taste testing. This is because not everyone owns, can afford, or has any interest in owning a variable voltage e-cig. Some of us do, and I thought it might interest those of you in the VV camp to know whether or not you should bother using your high-tech geek gadget on this or that particular e-juice. Finally, you will see a category for Notes, which is self-explanatory. So, without further adieu…

Click on the following link for a .pdf file of all ratings and reviews to date. (All reviewed e-juices are as close to 12mg of nicotine content as I could find in that brand).