LJ’s E-Smokes Caramel Apple Review

LJ’s has a remarkable knack for bringing together some of the more talented mixers in one place. If you’re the kind of vaper who prefers to keep it simple, ordering all of their juice from a single vendor, you could do a whole heck of a lot worse than LJ’s e-Smokes.

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to review so many of the juice available at LJ’s, but one of the flavors in particular has stuck with me and continues to be one of my personal favorite e-liquids on the market, Voodoo Cola. Upon running into the folks from LJ’s at a recent vape meet, they had a handful of other flavors they were submitting for review and this one, Hooligan’s take on Caramel Apple seemed to be the one they were most excited about.

Not only was a good sized bottle, but it was also pre-steeped which provided me with an opportunity to get started immediately. My first impressions were mixed. It was obviously a high quality, well-made juice, but I wasn’t thrilled about the ratio at which the flavors were presenting. After a few hours of steady vaping however, the profile shifted a bit, adding greater flavor symmetry and producing a more satisfying end result.

The front end is fairly vacant of anything more than a light sweetness that while pleasant enough, doesn’t do much more than hint at what’s to come. The exhale however, is where things start to get a bit more interesting as the caramel flavor begins to erupt out of that vague sweetness with the rich, creamy, buttery, sticky sweet flavor that is so close to the real McCoy, it’s downright staggering.

I’ve had quite a few juices with caramel flavoring components and usually, it’s more of the suggestion of caramel with the flavor of cooked sugar, but this incorporates all aspects a real, true to life caramel profile demonstrating the skill and talent of the boys at Hooligans. I was initially concerned that the apple flavor would be a bit lacking in quality and realism, mostly due to the onslaught of sour green apple that has come across my desk as of late.

Like Hooligan’s had been reading my mind, they opted for a Red Delicious apple flavor that, like the caramel, is exceedingly genuine in all aspects, reflecting both the flavor of the apple skin and flesh. It’s on the finish that the two flavors coalesce into a perfect representation that will instantly transport you to your local fair, or if you were fortunate enough as a kid, your own kitchen, as the consummation of caramel and apples comes together with the mild acidity and juicy apple flavor slowly mingles with the generous helping of smooth, creamy caramel creating what is one of the most extraordinary, sweet, complex, contrasting vapes on the market today. The fact that this juice can also handle some relatively strong wattage also helps to increase both the throat hit and vapor production of the final product.

I found the sweet spot at 5.2v on a 2.5Ω atomizer which yields just short of 11 watts, a remarkably solid throat hit, and a tremendous cloud of deliciously sugary sweet vapor.