Lost Art’s Gummy Glu E-Juice Review

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One of the vape juice brands that you will find at Vape Sale is Lost Art, and one of my favorite e-liquids from this company is Gummy Glu. This is a gummy bear candy e-liquid. The flavor is sure to thrill vapers who have a thing for candy vapes. You can easily vape this e-juice all day long without wearing out your taste buds.

When you open a bottle of Gummy Glu by Lost Art, you can smell the sweet gummy bear candy aroma. This e-juice will remind you of eating gummy bear candy during your childhood. The flavor is simply captivating. When vaping this e-liquid, you can taste the gummy bear candy flavor on the inhale and exhale. This e-juice is very tasty, but it does not get overwhelming.  The flavor is well balanced. The taste of this e-juice will linger in your mouth for a while. There is no weird taste from this e-juice whether you are vaping at a high or low wattage.

Gummy Glu e-juice is one of the most spot-on gummy bear candy e-liquids that I have vaped in a while. While it is sweet, the sweetness is not too strong, so you will not get tired of this vape juice. It has a distinct gummy bear candy flavor. You cannot resist the urge to vape on this e-liquid after you taste it for the first time.

Lost Art Gummy Glu e-juice is available with three nicotine concentration levels. You can choose either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. The e-liquid has a mild throat hit. A smooth sensation can be felt at the back of your throat. The throat hit does not get irritating at all.

This Lost Art e-liquid produces thick clouds of vapor. These clouds do not disappear right away. You can smell the gummy bear candy flavor in the clouds of vapor. The aroma fills the air when you are vaping this e-liquid.

Gummy Glu by Lost Art has an attractive packaging design. It comes in a clear plastic bottle. There is a label on the bottle with the company’s logo and other information about the product. There are no issues with spilling because the bottle cap is tightly locked in place.

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