Medusa THC-O Disposable Vape Pen Review

THC-O Acetate, or ATHC, is a synthetic cannabinoid that has caught the interest of many cannabis users, particularly those in the United States.

The Medusa THC-O disposable presents the same compact shape and ease of use that all of their disposable devices. This disposable allows you to enjoy THC-O on-the-go.

What Is THC-O?

Tetrahydrocannabinol ester (THC-O) is a type of tetrahydrocannabinol. The first stage in making THC-O is to convert CBD from hemp plants into delta-8 THC. THC-O acetate is then created by treating Delta-8 THC molecules with acetic anhydride. The resulting substance is three times as powerful as THC.

Features and Specs

  • Available in 1 gram – 1000mg and 2 gram – 2000mg
  • Disposable
  • USA Hemp-derived ingredients
  • Comes Pre Charged and Filled
  • Slim and Sleek Design

Design and Appearance

If you have used any of Medusa’s disposable devices, then this one should look and feel quite similar. It sports the same sturdy rectangular build, complete with its rounded sides.

The mouthpiece is positioned at the top of the device and is designed for your comfort. It has a duck-billed shape that adds to the overall aesthetic of the device. It has a USB charging connector on the bottom, so you can recharge the battery when it runs out.

There is a cartridge window on the device’s body to allow you to monitor your resin and know when you’re about to run out. 

These THC-O disposables have a draw-activated firing mechanism, which means you just need to place the mouthpiece on your lips and vape. 

Available Flavors

Medusa THC-O disposable vape pens are infused with terpenes to mimic the flavor of different strains. These include: 

  • La Confidential (Indica)
  • Sunset Sherbert (Hybrid)
  • Lemon Cake (Sativa)

Is Dosage Necessary

The short answer to this would be yes. The reason for this is that you are dealing with a cannabis compound, and one that is a bit similar to delta-9 THC. As always, the rule of thumb would be to start off with small doses — in this case a few short puffs before ramping up. 

This product is made with extracts derived from 100% legal USA hemp and contains less than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

About The Manufacturer

Medusa is a renowned cannabis brand that is known for manufacturing some of the best hemp products. The company has a wide range of hemp/cannabis products, such as disposable vape pens, carts, gummies, and more.

Availability and Pricing

The 2 gram version of Medusa’s THC-O disposable vape device is available on their website,, for just $34.99. The 1 gram disposable version is selling for even less — $24.99.