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In order to be completely fair with every e-juice brand and flavor, I have devised a strictly implemented approach and procedure to use with each sampling. I had to take into account everything I know about the technology of vaping and e-cigarette architecture, in order to make sure that each sample of E-juice is vaped as if it’s the first e-liquid to be used with that particular atomizer and clearomizer/cartomizer. Thankfully, I don’t have to actually purchase a new clearomizer or wick, or cartridge, etc. with each manufacturers’ juice. The eGo-C offers the option of using empty, clear plastic cartridges that can be purchased en masse for practically no money, and replaceable “single-wick” atomizer heads that can also be purchased 5-to-a-pack for cheap.

As you can see in the picture, the small atomizer head has a pointed, hollow metal piece located at the top of the unit, inside of which is a small wick. The atomizer base unscrews from the atomizer cover, and the atomizer head can be easily switched out with a new, unused one.

Once the atomizer base, together with a fresh atomizer head, is screwed into the atomizer cover, it can be attached to any eGo-compatible battery/unit. Next, the clear cartridge is filled with your chosen E-juice and the Type A soft gasket cap is used to seal the liquid inside the cartridge. The full, clear plastic cartridge is then inserted at the other end of the atomizer cover, causing the pointy end of the base to penetrate the thin rubber of the gasket cover, allowing the wick access to the E-juice, and voilà!

As you can see, using this arrangement of equipment allows for totally unbiased taste-testing of E-liquids. I personally prefer the taste of vapor when it is emitted from a metal drip tip on a clearomizer… but I can’t afford hundreds or thousands of fresh clearomizers for my purposes… and I just don’t have the time to mess around with replacing wicks and wrapping coils and whatnot. Also, the plastic might not be my preferred way of inhaling an All Day Vape, but it’s complete lack of it’s own taste-changing properties (unlike the metal tips) allows for a clean, unadulterated vaping experience.


My five categories of ratings include “Flavor After Steeping.” Steeping is important to the practice of connoisseur vaping. To “steep” your E-liquid, you should remove the cap and nozzle of your E-juice bottle, exposing the liquid to the elements, and allow it to sit, undisturbed in a cool, dark place for a predetermined period of time. I always leave mine to steep overnight for two evenings. A 12-hour difference plus or minus isn’t going to make any noticeable difference in flavor, but steeping one flavor for one day, and another for a week will yield tampered results. The flavor of the week-long steeping will more than likely be significantly stronger than the one-day steeping.

Steeping essentially allows the flavoring to disperse throughout the liquid and thoroughly homogenize your E-juice at a molecular level. Also, steeping with the cap and nozzle off, allows small trace elements of alcohol to evaporate off of your juice, leaving a better, smoother flavor.

The French Inhale

What I have found to be the most important factor in tasting an E-juice is a practice used rarely in the smoking of analog cigarettes, and that is th