Micro Vaped Nano V4 Vaporizer Review

The Nano V4 by Micro Vaped is a beautiful vaping device that looks just like a writing pen. You could fool anyone that this is a pen and not a vaporizer. The V4 does not only have an eye-grabbing design but also comes with some remarkable features includes six heat settings, 30-second heat up time, and a quartz dual coil atomizer. With this device, you have complete control over your vaping experience. The Nano V4 is the kind of vaporizer that you can use on-the-go for stealth vaping, but it could also serve as the go-to device for beginners.

The Nano V4 is the fourth generation of Micro Vaped’s wax and oil vaporizer. The device measures only 4.5 inches in length. It has a pen clip design which means you can easily fit it in your pocket. It is quite lightweight so it will not add any weight to your pocket. The pen-like design of this device is reminiscent of the Grasshopper vaporizer. The Nano V4 has even been described as a “Grasshopper for oils.”

The Micro Vaped Nano V4 vape pen is built with a lithium-ion battery. The battery life of this vape pen is not bad considering its size. It can last you for a few hours or an entire day depending on how frequent you are vaping. The device supports pass-through charging, so you do not have to pause your vaping sessions due to low battery. Also, it is designed to automatically shut off after 30 seconds if you do not use it. This goes a long way to conserve battery power. There is a 1-year warranty on the battery.

To turn the Nano V4 vaporizer on, you simply need to click the power button five times. An LED light will flash around the button when the device comes on. The power button is the only button on this device. It is clicky and responsive. You can lock the button to avoid accidentally firing it when the vaporizer is in your pocket. The Nano V4 has a 30-second heat up time and six different heat options ranging from 360 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. You can change the temperature of this Micro Vaped vaporizer by clicking the power button three times in quick succession. An LED light will flash around the button to indicate the temperature. Turquoise stands for 360 degrees Fahrenheit, blue for 380 degrees Fahrenheit, green for 390 degrees Fahrenheit, purple for 400 degrees Fahrenheit, yellow for 410 degrees Fahrenheit, and red for 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Micro Vaped Nano V4 has a very simple design. The writing end of the pen is the mouthpiece. The coil bucket sits directly under the mouthpiece. You have to unscrew the top cap to access the chamber. The heating element of the Nano V4 is composed of two Gr2 titanium dual coils with a quartz chamber and quartz rods. The coils heat up quickly and will not give you any charred flavor. This Micro Vaped device is known for producing intense flavor and milky clouds. If you want more clouds, you can remove the pen mouthpiece and use the glass globe top cap that is included in the package. You can even fit the battery of this device on the Micro Vaped Nectar Collector Vaporizer. For those who do not know, the Micro Vaped Nectar Collector Vaporizer is the result of a collaboration between Micro Vaped and Colorado glass maker Nectar Collector. The Micro Vaped Nectar Collector has a water filtration unit as well as a Gr2 titanium tip that you can heat up with a butane torch when you do not want to use the battery.

Another impressive feature of the Micro Vaped Nano V4 is that it has an airflow hole. You can open and close the airflow hole by turning the section of the pen below the atomizer. As you can imagine, this device does not have a huge airflow hole, but there is a noticeable difference in the hits when the airflow hole is open versus when it is closed.

You can get the Micro Vaped Nano V4 from virtually any top vape store. This vape pen is typically priced at about $59.99, but you can get it on Ejuice Pack for only $51.59. This shop has many other equally cheap and impressive oil, herb, wax and shatter vape pens as well as a huge collection of e-liquids.