Mister-E-Liquid “Myster-E” Premium E-Liquid

With the memory of Gran-E’s Banana Nut Bread and Strawberry Angel fresh in my mind, I was really looking forward to Mister-E’s take on the classic fruit/ice combo, and while the juice is very good, the flavors are a shade more subtle than those I’ve come to expect from this particular vendor.

The profile itself is fairly complex with Mister-E only letting on that it’s a mix of 4 different fruit flavors. It’s certainly not easy to pluck each individual flavor from the mix, but I’ll do my best to break it down.

The flavor that sticks out most for me is watermelon. It’s a nice bright flavor, straddling the line between natural and candy. Just under the watermelon is a hefty dose of sweet grape, similar to a grape bubble gum, that lends the juice a bit more depth and provides the overall profile with a good sense of balance.

The remaining two flavors are a bit more difficult to pick out, as the individual elements are well blended creating something of a mixed fruit flavor, but I’m tasting a hint of strawberry, and a very light acidic overtone of something else that I just can’t seem to put my finger on, could be peach, could be something else. Again, the fruit component is more subtle than those I’ve previously tasted from Mister-E, and I could certainly use a bit more of it here, but overall, it’s a nice round profile that is accentuated by the cool ice that takes over on the finish.

The amount of ice flavor used in the mix is crucial to the ratio, anymore of it would hamper the already delicate fruit flavors. For those with VV PVs I wouldn’t recommend taking this juice much beyond 8 watts, (4.5V with a 2.5Ω atty) as the flavors are fairly fragile and begin to deteriorate beyond that point.

I found the sweet spot to be closer to 7.5W (4.4V on the same 2.5Ω atomizer). At that wattage, the flavors remained true, albeit a bit on the lighter side, with throat hit and vapor production clocking in a bit above average.