Naked 100’s Hawaiian Pog E-Juice Review

Summer is just around the corner, but I can never really get enough of tropical flavors all year round. Passion fruit is one of the symbols of the season. And every time I eat it, its taste goes beyond my amazement. It feels unbelievable that something like this exists.

A friend of mine recommended Hawaiian Pog e-juice by Naked 100 TO ME. She knows my love for passion fruit, and she said this one is really good. I ordered it at Ultimate Vape Deals, and here I am on my third day of vaping. So far, so good. So here is my full, in-depth review of the vape liquid.

Flavor Profile

Naked 100’S Hawaiian Pog is a tropical blend that is made up of fresh orange with tart passion fruit and a slight hint of guava flavor.


Imagine my surprise when I first tasted the familiar and delicious flavor of passion fruit from Hawaiian Pog e-juice. I lost it and almost finished the entire 60-ml bottle in one sitting. You can already probably guess what I think about this e-juice. It is awesome.

Many fail to consider that your device’s settings can play a role in the flavor of the e-juice. For instance, vaping Hawaiian Pog with an RTA at a lower wattage will give you light tones of passion fruit with some notes of oranges in the background. However, vapers who have a sweet tooth may not fully enjoy this as it lacks sweetness.

But if you increase the power, the tasty combination of guava and passion fruit will dominate the vape. The citrusy notes of oranges are barely there. You may pick up some subtle hints of orange flavor in the blend.

The flavor of this e-liquid varies depending on the RDA you used, whether it is built for flavor chasing or cloud chasing.

At a lower wattage when vaping with an RDA/RDTA, the dominant taste of Hawaiian Pog is passion fruits with major notes of guavas all around. The flavor is fuller and more delicious when using the RTA. There are slight notes of orange flavor in the background.

Meanwhile, when vaped at a higher wattage, Hawaiian Pog e-juice by Naked 100 gives you the taste of passion fruit and red guava all the way. You can still taste the subtle notes of oranges. It is a wonderful combination that will surely quench your thirst. I love the amazing blend of these two flavors in here.

Overall, Hawaiian Pog is a nicely done e-juice that contains scrumptious tropical flavors. I just wish the orange flavor was a bit stronger. This exotic e-juice is recommended for those who are hunting for a unique vape. So far, very few fruity e-liquids can compete with Naked 100;s blends.

Vapor Production / Throat Hit

Hawaiian Pog e-juice by Naked 100 is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. Thanks to its high vegetable glycerin content, you will get nice, dense clouds of vapor with each puff. The huge, milky clouds that you get from Hawaiian POG is perfect for performing cloud tricks.

As for the throat hit, I am so glad I did not feel any harshness although this e-juice contains some citrusy orange flavor. There are three nicotine strengths available for this blend. It comes with 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine. I went for the 3 mg level, and it was on the smooth throat. This is a nice all-day vape for lovers of tropical vapes.


In terms of price, Naked 100 has an affordable pricing strategy. This e-liquid is not expensive, so you do not have to break the bank at all. A 60-mL bottle of Naked 100’s Hawaiian POG will only cost you $14.99 at Ultimate Vape Deals. This e-juice is selling for nearly $25 at other stores. Ultimate Vape Deals has some of the best e-liquid deals on the market today.

I hope this review has helped you. Happy vaping people!