NKD100 Salt Amazing Mango Ejuice Review

Amazing Mango is one of the most popular flavors from Naked 100 Salt. It is a fusion of sweet peaches and juicy mango flavor. This salt nic juice come with more concentrated levels of nicotine and is not made to be used on a sub-ohm devices.

The packaging of the NKD 100 Salt Amazing Mango Ejuice is attractive and represents the brand very well. This ejuice comes in a 30ml bottle with a child-resistant cap. The child-resistant cap is good as it prevents the e-juice from accidentally spilling. There is a label on the bottle with the brand name boldly written on along with other information like the nicotine level and VG/PG ratio

NKD 100 Salt Amazing Mango is available with different nicotine strength levels: 35mg or 50mg. It has a VG/PG ratio of 50/50. You can easily vape NKD 100 Salt Amazing Mango e-juice all day.

Amazing Mango by NKD 100 is an authentic fruity smoothie blend that will take your taste buds to nirvana. This savory fusion will keep you on your toes from the first drop to the last with its intense flavor. Amazing Mango is one of those e-liquids that you will want to indulge in.

Naked 100 believes in keeping in all of the beautiful flavors, but getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff. In so doing, they crafted sweet and luscious flavors that promises 100% satisfaction. In creating Amazing Mango, the company sought to develop an e-liquid that is as close to the real thing as possible.

Instead of having to travel to the tropics in search of the perfect mango, now you can simply pop open a bottle of the Amazing Mango e-juice and enjoy the exotic fruit whenever you please. With a rich and rolling sweet island flavor, this e-juice will become your new favorite fruity vape.

Naked 100 is known for its amazing flavors like Lava Flow, Really Berry, American Patriots, Brain Freeze, Frost Bite, Green Blast, and Very Cool. You are sure to find something that will appeal to you in the NKD 100 collection.

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