No2 Vaporizer by Vapir Review

The No2 is a classic vaporizer from The Vapir Company. This unique herb vaporizer was designed to be easy to use. There is virtually no learning curve with this device. You just need to load up your herb, fire it up, and you are ready to start vaping. This vaporizer is known for its fast it heats up. It also comes with temperature control. The No2 is perfect for beginners to vaping.


The Vapir No2 is usually priced at about $119, but you can get it on Ejuice Pack for just $102.34.


The No2 vaporizer by Vapir was designed to look just like a water bottle. The mouthpiece is shaped like a short straw. The device comes with straws that you can attach to the mouthpiece to get cooler vapor. The straw is useful since the vapor from this vaporizer can get a little hot, especially when you are vaping at high temps. No2 has an ergonomic design. It has a rounded shape which means it fits easily in a grip. What’s more, the control buttons are easily accessible.

While this device appears bulky, it is not heavy. The No2 is largely made of plastic. Therefore, it does not pack much in terms of weight. It has a rugged build. The device will not break apart if it slips from your hands and falls. This Vapir atomizer is too large to fit in your pocket, but it can easily go in a bag. The No2 is perfect for stealth vaping due to its appearance.

Heating Chamber

To access the heating chamber of this vaporizer, you simply need to remove the mouthpiece. The heating chamber is made of medical-grade stainless steel and pure brass. This ensures you get clean, consistent hits. All you have to do is scoop some herb into the chamber and close it. Vapir recommends filling up the chamber up to three quarters. If you fill the chamber to the brim, the airflow may be a little restricted.


The Vapir No2 comes with a removable Lithium-ion battery. The battery compartment is located under the device. There are two ways of charging the vaporizer. You could connect the device to the charger and plug it into an electrical outlet. You could also remove the battery and charge it with an external charger. The device comes with a car charger so you can power up your battery while you are driving. The battery life of the No2 is not bad. You can use the device for up to an hour before you will need to recharge it. The No2 supports pass-through so you can vape while charging it.

Temperature Control

The Vapir No2 supports temperature control. There is an LCD screen on the device that displays the temperature as well as the battery level and more. You can choose to have the temperature displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. There is a ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button under the screen that you can use to change the settings of the device. The No2 automatically stores your selected temperature each time you turn the device off. So, when you put it on, it will go back to that same temperature level. The maximum temperature of this vaporizer is 400 degrees Celsius. Vapir does not recommend exceeding that level.

How to use the Vapir No2

The Vapir No2 vaporizer is very easy to use. First, you have to ensure that the device is charged. You can turn the device on by sliding the on/off button on its side. Once you turn the vaporizer on, the LCD screen will show the last temperature that you selected. Next, you need to press the power button under the LCD screen. When you click on the power button, a red light will appear above the screen. The red light will remain on until the device heats up properly. The red light will switch to green once the device has heated up so you can load up some herb and start vaping.

One of the main problems that you will find with the No2 is that once you start vaping, the vapor will escape slowly until you turn it off. This device has an automatic shutoff feature, but it is only activated after 20 minutes. So, if you are not going to be vaping for some time, it is best to switch off the device.