Orange Cream E-Liquid by Redback Vapery Review

Orange Cream by Redback Vapery is currently one of the best orange, vanilla ice cream e-liquids on the market. It is a very refreshing vape with a nice cooling flavor. If you like oranges and vanilla ice cream, this can easily become an all day vape.

Flavor Description

Orange Cream vape juice by Redback Vapery has a moderate flavor intensity. This is a yummy blend of orange and vanilla ice cream. On the inhale, the flavor is quite light. You get undertones of a very smooth ice cream flavor. You taste the vanilla and a bit of sweetness. The overall blend comes together very well. The orange flavor is fantastic. It is clean and refreshing. It is very vibrant and consistent. The orange complements the ice cream well. The flavor of Orange Cream is not in your face. You do taste it, but it has a moderate intensity. It gives a cooling flavor that is refreshing.

VG/PG Ratio

Orange Cream is a blend of 70/30 vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).  The e-juice has a medium level thickness. You will have the best experience vaping it with a dripper, but it also works well with a tank. The e-juice is sweet, but not too sweet. Personally, I think the flavor is just right. It has a good balance between flavor and cloud production. This e-liquid comes pre-steeped. However, you can choose to steep it again to improve the flavor.

The cloud production is excellent. The clouds spread nicely and linger for a while in the air for a while.

Nicotine Strength

Mad Duchess has a very mild throat hit. You do not feel any throat discomfort such as itching, burning or charring. The throat hit is smooth even when you turn up the wattage. If you are not satisfied with the throat hit that you get from this e-juice, you can mix it with nicotine shots.


Mad Duchess e-liquid by Redback Vapery comes in a 30-ml plastic bottle with a childproof cap. There is a label on the bottle with the Redback Vapery logo. You will find other information about the product on the box and the company’s online store.


A 30ml bottle of Redback Vapery‚Äôs Orange Cream is available for only $14.85 at the company’s store. This is a fantastic price, but you can make some savings by purchasing more than one bottle. If you purchase 3 or more bottles, each bottle cost only $11.00 and if you purchase 5 or more, you only pay $9.35 for each.

The Redback Vapery store has frequent promotions that you can take advantage of to buy e-liquids at discounted rates or even for free. When you buy from this store, you can track your order until it arrives. There is very quick delivery. You also benefit from excellent customer service and a user-friendly interface.


Redback Vapery is an Australian e-juice company. Currently, the company has only five different dessert-flavored e-liquids on the market namely Custardtopia, Choc Mint, Salted Caramel, Wonderland, and Orange Cream. All the e-juice flavors from this company are made from high-quality ingredients. You will not feel any chemical aftertaste to suggest artificial flavoring. The company’s e-liquids are produced in small batches to guarantee they are premium quality vape juices. Redback Vapery’s e-liquids are the result of years of trial and experimentation. The aim of the company is to provide e-juice flavors that are rich and deeply satisfying.

Orange Cream is a delicious dessert e-liquid. It has a nice cooling sensation that is quite satisfying. It is the perfect e-liquid to indulge in when you want to relax, after dinner or on a hot summer day.