Paradigm Nano CBD Tincture Review

is a new technology that makes it easier for the body to digest and absorb nutrients from the soil as it breaks down into small drops. The smaller the drops, the more surface contact the oil has with any enzymes and tissue that is absorbent in your body. Your body’s natural bile salts can emulsify CBD oil and other dietary fats within your digestive tract. Putting pre-emulsified oil in your mouth, though, might help your body start sooner to absorb CBD molecules.

Paradigm Nano CBD Tincture contains nano CBD, which is the purest and smallest molecular type of CBD on the market. Nano CBD is thought to have a higher and faster absorption rate compared to other CBD extracts due to its molecular size. Paradigm tinctures come with a variety of exotic flavors so you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love.

Usually, nano CBD products contain CBD oil, water, and other ingredients. Paradigm CBD Hemp is produced by trained experts using 100% organic hemp extract. You can use this tincture sublingually or add it to your food and drink.

High-potency CBD tinctures are a great option for individuals who want high levels of CBD. All Paradigm CBD products are tested by third-party labs before they hit the shelves.

While this tincture is generally safe, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before using any CBD product especially if you have an ailment or if you are on medication. There is a lot of information about how CBD can help to treat different ailments. However, take these claims with a pinch of salt. Your experience with CBD may be different. Medical experts agree that further studies is necessary to improve our understanding of CBD and its potential benefits.

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