Regulated Mod Comparison Chart

We randomly chose five of the latest and greatest regulated mods that were recently released into the vaping market as recommended products to be purchased.  We feel that these mods are some of the best choices when out on the hunt to buy a mod because they offer the latest tech, the most power, and the best quality.  Feel free to view the regulated mod comparison chart below to determine which mod is best for you.

Note:  We’ve randomly selected five mods that vary in brand, power, and price.  Compare wisely for a regret-free investment.

Staffs Pick

As a bonus were going to share the staffs pick on the following pages, which will hopefully give you some insight into making the best purchase possible.  Well, share the key points to each mod, letting you in one both the pros and cons of each mod.  Our mods are ultimately an investment, and we take them seriously, as should you.  Feel free to click the next page at the bottom when you finish reading.