Relx Essential Vape Pen Review

The Essential is another remarkable pod system from Relx. The Essential does not come with advanced features like the Infinity, but it is equally good.

The dimensions of the Relx Essential are 112mm by 23mm by 10mm. It is available with two different finishes; rooved and smooth. It comes in different colors. The device has a sleek, stylish design. The mouthpiece is slim and comfortable. The Essential is draw-activated. There are no LED lights on the device so you can vape discreetly in public.

The Relx Essential comes with a 350mAh battery. The device comes with a micro USB cable for charging. It takes just 40 minutes for the device to be recharged.

The pods that come with the Essential are not refillable. These Relx pods can hold 1.9ml of e-juice and come with the company’s FEELM Ceramic Maze Coil. The device produces a smooth, mouth-to-lung draw thanks to Relx’s Air Boost and Active-Steam Pro technology. The Relx Essential has an internal structure with 11 layers to prevent any leakage.

You can get up to 650 puff from the Relx Essential before it runs out of e-juice. You can get a pod for the Essential with different flavors such as Fresh Red, Dark Sprinkle, Rich Tobacco, Tangy Purple, Garden’s Heart, Ludou Ice, Raspy Ruby, and Menthol Plus.

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