Review of 4 of the Best Big Bongs

If you are into bongs, then you need to have at least one big bong. There are so many advantages of using a big bong. Not only does it have a larger surface area for the smoke to flow, but big bongs also come with elaborate percolators which means you get smooth hits. To top it all, big glass bongs are also stylish, and they can hold a lot more smoke. There are different types of big and cheap glass bongs on the market today. No matter what you are looking for, there is sure to be a big glass bong that fits your specifications. HaSmoke is one of the best places to find bongs, pipes, and smoking accessories. This store stocks custom glass pieces as well as collaborative pieces from some of the top manufacturers of glass bongs and pipes on the market. In this review, we will look at four of the best big bongs in the HaSmoke store.

Straight Glass Bong with Matrix Percolator

This straight glass bong stands 15 inches tall and is made of solid scientific glass. It has a solid base with 18mm thick female joints. For diffusion, the bong has two different percolators. The smoke will first pass through a matrix barrel percolator before going through a honeycomb percolator. The bong is fitted with a splash guard to prevent any water from getting into your mouth. You can use it to smoke either dry herb, wax or concentrates with the right accessories. This is a fantastic smoking setup. The only thing missing from this pipe is an ice catcher. Nonetheless, it will give you clean and cool smoke. You can get this big glass bong for just $65.99.

Straight Glass Water Pipe With Tripe Honeycomb Percolator

This straight glass bong is made of thick clear glass. It stands 17 inches tall and comes with 18mm reinforced joints with an 18mm funnel bowl. The bong has a nice 3-pinch ice catcher so you can add ice cubes to cool your smoke. What’s more, it has a nice flared mouthpiece. However, the distinguishing feature of this bong is its triple honeycomb percolators. When you take a hit, the smoke travels through the three layers of honeycomb percolators before it reaches your mouth. You can use this bong to smoke wax, concentrates or dry herb. It is going for $58.

Beaker Base Bong with Spiral Percolator and Ice Catcher

This is another excellent glass bong. It has a beaker base and stands 15 inches tall. The bong has 18mm thick joints. The bong has an ice catcher. The three-pinch ice catcher is located on the neck of the bong. At the top, it features a flared mouthpiece which is convenient to use. The bong comes with a diffused downstem which is removable. The bong is fitted with a spiral showerhead percolator which does a good job of diffusing smoke. You will get clean and cool hits when using this bong. It is priced at $55 in the HaSmoke shop.

Big Recycler Water Pipe with Honeycomb Percolator

This gigantic bong stands at 18 inches tall and is made of very thick glass. What makes this bong remarkable is its double chamber percolator. When you take a drag, the smoke first goes through the rounded base of the bong and gets filtered by the water before it goes into the second chamber and enters the stereo matrix percolator. It finally enters a honeycomb percolator with multiple holes where it gets thoroughly filtered. This bong is made of clear glass so you can watch the bubbles as the smoke travels through it. It also has a flat base, so you do not have to worry about it tipping over and breaking. It is priced at $87 on the HaSmoke store.