Review of 5 of the Best Small Glass Bongs

Small bongs are perfect for smoking discreetly when you are in public. They are quite portable but give you all the same features that you’ll get from a big bong. Glass manufacturers are getting more and more creative with their design of small glass bongs. There are various bongs on the market today with different shapes, sizes, and for every budget. HaSmoke is the number one headshop online. If you are looking to take advantage of the best deals for smoking bongs on sale online, then check out HaSmoke. In this review, we will look at five of the best small bongs on the online shop.

Nexus Glass Medium Dab Rig

This 5-inch dab rig is made of thick glass and has a 10mm male joint. This bong has a very simple shape. It has a short round base with a honey puck shape. The dab rig and the mouthpiece protruding from this base. The dab rig comes with a nail so you can use this bong to smoke oils and concentrates. The mouthpiece of this bong has a bent neck so you can easily take hits whether you are sitting upright or lying down. When you take a hit from this bong, the smoke goes through the diffuser downstem where it is filtered through the water before going up the mouthpiece. You will find the Nexus logo printed boldly on the side of the bong. You can get this mini puck rig with blue or green color accents. This bong costs only $44.

Mini Bubbler Bong

This mini bubbler dab rig measures only 6 inches and comes with a sleek design. You can use it to smoke either dry herb or concentrates. It comes with a 14mm quartz banger nail or a male flower bowl. The bong has a 14mm female joint, and a bent neck. When you take a hit on this bong, the smoke travels through the two-hole diffused stem percolator before going up to the mouthpiece. Overall, this is an excellent glass bong, and it is easy to clean. It is available with different color accents like green or brown. You can get this mini bubbler bong for only $27.

Baby Bottle Glass Bong

This cute glass bong is made of tough, clear glass and measures 8 inches tall. You can use this bong for smoking dry herb or concentrates. It comes with a 14mm male joint as well as a 14mm female dome. The bong features a Faberge egg design to promote the filtration of smoke. What’s more, it has multiple percolators. First, the smoke travels through an inline percolator and then goes through a swiss percolator as well as the Faberge egg structure. You will get silky smooth hits from this bong. It costs just $32.

Mini Swiss Percolator Bong

This 8-inch mini bong is made of solid, clear scientific glass. It features a 90-degree female joint and a Dewar’s joint for more durability. When you take a hit on this bong, the smoke travels through the inline percolator to a swiss percolator which sits in a Faberge egg structure. This bong has a bent neck and a flared mouthpiece. Besides making it more convenient to use this bong, the bent mouthpiece also serves as a splashguard to prevent water bubbles from reaching your mouth. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned smoker, this bong will make a great addition to your glass collection. It is going for only $35.99.

Glass Juice Box Oil Rig

This glass bong, which comes in the shape of a juice box, is perfect for smoking in public. It measures only 8 inches tall and is made of colored glass. The makers of this bong invested a lot of time and effort into getting it to look like a juice box. The box has the usual colorful design that you will find on a juice box. The mouthpiece of this bong is designed like a straw with a bent neck sticking out of the box. It comes with a dab rig and ceramic nail which also sits on top of the juice box. You can get this glass juice box oil rig for only $25.99.

There are many equally good small glass bongs on the HaSmoke store. This shop also has mini nectar collector kits.