Review of SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit with TFV8 Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tank 

SmokTech or SMOK is an old player in the E Cig market. SMOK has been manufacturing some of the best E Cigs combining state of the art technology fulfilling the needs of the vapers for years. SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit with TFV8 Baby Tank is one such awesome product from SMOK, which deserves a separate review.

SMOK knows exactly what to combine to create the incredible E cig starter kit that vapers desire. Teaming up their best products, SMOK is now an expert in creating combo products.

This year, SMOK has already launched some of the best E Cig kits such as SMOK MAG 225W Starter Kit with TFV12 Prince Tank and SMOK X-Priv 225W TC and TFV12 Prince Starter Kit. SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit with TFV8 Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tank stands apart from other high-powered SMOK kits in its moderate power output with high performance, slick design, and pocket-friendly size.

An added advantage of SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit is its next-generation design and smooth finishing. This SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit review will provide you a detailed description of the product making it easy for you to decide if the product is worth buying.

We thank VapingZone -Online e-cigarette store who graciously agreed to provide samples of SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit for testing and writing this review. You can alternatively watch this video of Smok Priv V8 review where the reviewer shares views expressed in this article.

SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit – Design

  • The first eye-catching thing about SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit is its design and shape. SMOK has very thoughtfully designed this kit.
  • In all the recent products of SMOK, aesthetics has been a major thought behind the designs. SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit is not an exception to this.
  • Although smooth matt design, the kit has a good grip when you are using it on the go.
  • The slick design makes it of the perfect size that fits in your pocket.
  • The side power button blends very well in the finishing and that’s another clever addition by SMOK.
  • The multi-colored design of the kit makes it look attractive.

SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit – Performance

  • Once again, with SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit, SMOK has proved that it is the boss of high-performance E Cig gadgets. There is no compromise when it comes to efficiency and performance with this kit.
  • Coupled with one of the most celebrated vape tanks, TFV8 Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tank, SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit is an unbeatable combination of power and efficiency in its class of moderately powered kits for vapers.
  • This kit is meant for vapers of any stage – beginners or seasoned. SMOK has intelligently designed this kit proving that moderate power output is not a disadvantage but a way to vape the E Juice efficiently carrying less weight in your pockets.
  • SMOK’s TFV Sub Ohm Tank series is their most successful series. Much more has been written on TFV8 Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tank elsewhere, which is undoubtedly one of the marvels SMOK has ever created.

SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit – Contents

  • SMOK Priv V8 E Cig Mod (1 no.)
  • SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tank (1 no.)
  • 0.25 Ohm V8 Baby-M2 Dual Core Coils (1 no., Pre-installed)
  • 0.25 Ohm V8 Baby-M2 Dual Core Coils (1 no.)
  • Replacement Glass (1 no.)
  • Micro USB Charging Cord (1 no.)
  • User Manual (1 copy)
  • Spare Parts

SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit – Specifications

  • Mod Dimensions: 24.5 mm (height) X 34 mm (width) X 80 mm (depth)
  • Mod Weight: 83.3 g
  • Mod Material: Zinc Alloy Metal
  • Mod Standby Current: <200 uA
  • Mod Operating Voltage: 3.4 – 4.2 Volts
  • Mod Charging Current: 600 mA – 700 mA
  • Mod Maximum Power Output: 60 W
  • Tank Dimensions: 53 mm (height) X 22 mm (diameter)
  • Tank Weight: 47 g
  • Tank Capacity: 3.0 ml
  • Tank Material: Stainless Steel
  • Tank Thread: 510 connection
  • Kit Battery Requirement: One external 18650 battery

SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit Features – Priv V8 Mod

  • Slick design and availability in multi colors
  • One Button Operation – Single Fire / Power Button
  • Direct Voltage Output System
  • Clever Battery Life Status Indicator
  • Battery Charging LED Indicator
  • Two separate LED indicators indicating working and charging status
  • 8 Seconds Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage and Resistance Proof
  • Impedance Protection
  • Overshoot Proof

SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit Features – TFV8 Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tank

  • The Superior quality material used
  • Top-fill design and patented hinge lock mechanism
  • Leakage-proof filling design
  • Patented Baby coil design
  • High-quality glass construction
  • Airflow control at the base
  • Derlin Ultra-wide Drip Tip provides powerful draw effects
  • Produces a smooth taste, low on throat heat

SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit – Pros

  • Lightweight
  • High performance
  • Slick and Multi-colored Design
  • Pocket-friendly Size
  • Next Generation Design includes One Button Operation
  • Includes TFV8 Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tank which is rated as one of the best moderate sized vape tanks of all time
  • Creates an amazing combination of vapor and flavors
  • The bottom battery door is click-based and easy to operate
  • Even after several continuous puffs the drip tip and tank does not heat up, giving you a comfortable chain vaping experience.
  • No complicated setting adjustments – a simple, basic kit

SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit – Cons

  • This is a basic kit without much scope for manual adjustment of voltage or temperature or resistance. This may be an issue for vapers who love to experiment.
  • The kit comes with a moderately powered battery. If you do not want to get out of batteries then you can carry an extra battery with you or attach an external battery to the kit.

SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit – Final Verdict

  • This kit is moderately powered but there is no compromise from SMOK on its efficiency and performance.
  • The kit has a unique multi-colored design which makes it stand apart in the entry-level E Cig kits.
  • One Button operation is an impressive step towards creating a hassle-free simple kit.
  • If you are a beginner and want a hassle-free vaping experience, SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit is your best choice.
  • If you are a seasoned vaper but want to try less complicated kits occasionally, then again, SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit would prove to be the best choice.

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