Smok T-Priv Review


Maybe I am becoming spoiled from the so many great vape deals I’ve gotten, but after having spent a considerable amount of time with the Alien (in addition to several of its imitators), I’ve no doubt become accustomed to the larger, more detailed OLED displays. Yes, many companies indeed tend to cram way too much information on there, but that’s most often always preferable to having to navigate menu trees just to check your battery amps or coil resistance.

The T-Priv has a new and updated top-mounted display, which contains wattage/temperature, resistance, dual-battery indicators, voltage and puff duration. This isn’t exactly a step backward, but nonetheless, it is a bit difficult to read at a glance.

The LED lights and the cutaways on the chassis made this a necessary design choice, but more than once I found myself wishing one side of the device contained a tiny one inch screen .

Other than the new color options, the menu system remains largely unchanged from Smok’s numerous other mods. This means that it is clear, user-friendly, precise, and it remains a benchmark for other companies to follow.

By now, you might be getting a little impatient, so let me cut to the chase. The Smok T- Priv vapes extremely well. With the 220 watts of proposed power listed on the box, I’m absolutely thrilled to report that this mod fires accurately, with no detectable increase in heat anywhere on the aluminum frame, with no warnings or misfires. While it does indeed consume a good amount of battery power at this wattage, volume vapers who are looking for a few high-powered puffs should have no problems at all pushing the T-Priv.

Under the more typical use of wattage mode, the T-Priv performed as well as the Alien, giving smooth, uninterrupted puffs at a very wide range of outputs. There’s virtually no ramp-up time, even using ultra-low-resistance builds, and I noticed absolutely no power spikes or drops when I did a little chain vaping. (yeah, I do that sometimes)

When I was using the included Big Baby sub-ohm tank, the performance was great all around. There’s no need to review the tank again, but I have to mention that Smok is quite good at bundling one of its myriad of tanks with an appropriate device, and this combination is no exception. Unlike the so many kits that seem to be designed to promote another proprietary coil system, this package not only looks, but performs very well together.

Without a bit of exaggeration or hyperbole, the T-Priv has got the best battery life of any high-wattage, dual-18650 device that I have ever seen. After more than four hours of ‘testing’, chain vaping and yes even some playing around with the colored light show, I still had enough power to carry me through an evening in a friend’s back yard, where there was absolutely no shortage of vaping on my part.

When the battery cells began to show a little low on the indicators, the mod continued to perform as if they were fully charged and fresh. As you should already know, never let your battery levels drop too low. That said, I’m truly confident the T-Priv would have given me another half hour, while other mods would have tapped out already. Make no mistake about it, the T-Priv will be a regular companion on long road trips or getaways in the future.


I must say, out of all the products that have presented themselves on my desk for review, I was least excited about reviewing the Smok T-Priv. Not because I was expecting the worst, but rather because I was fully expecting this to be just another SMOK mod, with pretty much the same menus, functions, and performance.

However, the T-Priv’s combination of function and flash come together in a beautiful way. The T-Priv did everything that was asked of it, with battery life to spare. Finally, for the first time since the ‘Alien invasion’, I really feel that Smok has created a worthy successor to that throne.

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 Kit Contents

  •  T-PRIV Mod
  •  TFV8 Big Baby Tank
  •  V8 Baby Q2 0.4-ohm dual coil head (pre-installed)
  •  V8 Baby T8 0.15-ohm octuple coil head
  •  Replacement glass tube
  •  USB cable
  •  User manual
  •  Spare parts


Smok T-Priv Mod

  • Height   86.6mm
  • Width   48.1mm
  • Depth   32mm
  • Net Weight   210g
  • Power Range   6W – 220W
  • Voltage Range   0.5V – 9.0V
  • Resistance Range   0.1-3 ohm (VW) / 0.06 – 3-ohm (TC)
  • Temperature Range   200℉ – 600℉ / 100℃ – 315℃

Smok TFV8 Big Baby

  • Capacity   5ml
  • Height   56ml
  • Diameter   24.5mm
  • Net Weight   60g
  • Material   Stainless Steel  Pyrex Glass
  • Thread   510