SMPL Juice Krazy Kandy Eliquid Review

Remember during our childhood days how cotton candy makers would always leave our eyes and mouth wide open, fascinated how a drizzle of sugar can turn into a fluffy, colored cotton-looking candy. And now, we are in awe again how vape juice makers can capture the flavor of this carnival favorite of ours and turn it into a vape juice with some added twist of other good flavors just like the Krazy Kandy eliquid by SMPL Juice.

“Krazy Kandy Eliquid excites the taste buds with a smooth and delicious taffy flavor complimented by blue raspberry cotton candy.”

This sweet and chewy delight of taffy flavor with a twist of blue raspberry cotton candy will surely deliver a sweet and smooth vape all throughout the inhale and the exhale. Going in, this Krazy Kandy ejuice gives a taffy candy taste, then subtle notes of blue raspberry cotton candy appear all the way out.

It is sweet but not ‘krazy’ sweet, like other ejuices that leave you coughing and spluttering. It runs both smoothly and pleasantly on the throat. This did not give me any nose tingling sensation and did not leave my mouth and throat dry or me feeling thirsty. If you will ask me, this is a perfect all-day vape. It can be sort-of a deviation from the usual per se. For instance, if you are tired of plain candy, fruit, or dessert flavors, this is a perfect ‘get away’ vape juice.

This Krazy Kandy eliquid is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. This is a perfect ratio that both flavor and cloud chasers will truly enjoy. As for its clouds, they are not a letdown. This baby can boost a party and fill any room with a sweet blue raspberry scent in no time! Clouds are dense and can last for quite some time.

Krazy Kandy comes in three different nicotine options. The 0 mg, of course, contains no nicotine at all, making it a preferred level for casual and non-smokers. This is also commonly used to practice vape tricks. Unless you have some nicotine cravings, this will do the job. The 3 mg is ideal for sub-ohming, flavor chasers who want nicotine, and chain vapers as this will not burn your throat. Lastly, the 6 mg is the ‘middle of the road.’ It’s perfect transition from 12 mg.

SMPL Juice made its presentation pretty ‘smpl’ yet straightforward. You can easily find your way through the label, which was artistically designed with different sized triangles that are colored pink and blue. It has pretty much a summary of all the details about the ejuice including the brand name, flavor name, size, nicotine strength level, manufacturing date, expiration date, and the usual warnings. The ejuice comes in a 120 mL chubby gorilla bottle with a child-resistant cap and a narrow tip to easily and directly transfer the eliquid to any dripper or atomizer. Such a bottle type also makes this ejuice super convenient to be on the go.

Ultimately, this flavor has a ‘krazy’ price. For just $15, you can get yourself a 120 ml bottle. For average vapers, this will surely keep your tank full as often as you want. There is no need to ration yourself to keep the flavor as long as possible since the price is very affordable even for those who are on a budget. Such premium quality and delicious tasting ejuice usually costs up to three times this price. So, if I were you, I’d give this a go!

Overall, I would give this vape juice a score of 9 out of 10 across the board. This Krazy Kandy eliquid by SMPL Juice will definitely take you down the memory lane, although this won’t likely be sticking to your teeth. Also, you can now ditch the long lines and satisfy your sweet tooth cotton candy cravings.  This is highly recommended and my two thumbs are up for its incredible taste.

The SMPL Juice company aims to provide not only high quality vape juices with great flavors at a very affordable price but also top notch customer service, swag giveaways, and offerings the vaping community has never experience before.