Some Reasons for Vaping Nicotine Free E-Liquids

Most new vapers are people transitioning who are trying to kick the habit of smoking cigarettes. Many have become accustomed to the throat hit you get when vaping tobacco because of the nicotine content. But vaping is unlike smoking. You have many different options with regards to the nicotine strength of the e-liquid you are vaping. You can even opt for an e-liquid with no nicotine at all.

Vaping with or without nicotine is simply a personal choice. There are many factors that contribute to this choice. It must be noted, however, that sometimes vaping nicotine-free e-liquids is just because of inexperience with vaping. A novice vaper might want to start with nicotine-free e-liquids to get the feel before gradually starting to vape e-liquids containing nicotine. This is the case for new vapers that are not transitioning from smoking to vaping.

Nicotine in e-liquids is responsible for providing a throat hit and slight buzz. A low level of nicotine will give you a mild throat hits, but as you increase the nicotine strength level, the intensity of the throat hit also increases. At a certain point, too much nicotine can be unbearable. The throat hits will feel harsh to the extent that it causes discomfort.

One reason a vaper may choose a vape juice with no nicotine is simply to avoid the effect of nicotine. This is particularly true for vapers, who have been smoking for a long time and are used to the adrenaline kick that nicotine offers. These vapers may start with a very high concentration of nicotine when they’ve just started vaping, and gradually reduce the nicotine concentration in their e-juice to finally vape nicotine-free e-liquids.

There are also vapers who prefer vaping nicotine-free e-liquids for other reasons. These vapers are either flavor chasers or cloud chasers.

Flavor chasers may find nicotine too inconvenient, especially at a strong concentration. What flavor chasers seek is to relish the e-juice flavor. To capture all the different tastes on their palates. They are not necessarily interested in getting a strong throat hit. The e-juice industry manufactures a wide range of e-juice flavors worth discovering. You’ll find all types of flavor including fruity, dessert, beverage, menthol, tobacco, candy, creamy, and many others.

Cloud chasers may prefer to vape nicotine-free e-liquids to allow them to blow massive clouds without having to deal with an overbearing throat hit. The harshness of the nicotine in the throat does not allow a cloud chaser to play with the vapor in their mouth and perform tricks with the vapor.

The vast majority of vapers, however, prefer their vape with nicotine, especially ex-smokers. Vaping without nicotine for them is like breathing clean air. The advantage they get from vaping is that they can vape with a lower concentration of nicotine. It’s very well documented that vaping is one of the most efficient methods to quit smoking.

There are still controversies about nicotine. Some countries have laws that restrict the nicotine content of e-liquids. In the European Union (EU), it cannot be stronger than 20mg/ml, while in Australia you cannot legally purchase an e-juice containing nicotine. In fact, the concern about the effect of nicotine in e-liquids seems to be exaggerated. It is not a harmful substance, and when separated from other chemicals found in tobacco, it’s not addictive.

If you’re an experienced vaper, you might find that there are certain e-liquids that are best enjoyed nicotine free. For example, e-liquids with a strong mint or menthol flavor. The cooling sensation can intensify the level of nicotine harshness even if it’s at low density.

The main purpose of vaping is to obtain satisfaction. Whether you vape with or without nicotine depends on your personal preference. As long as you can get a fantastic experience vaping!