SVLT Juice Lemon Cake Salt E-Liquid Review

When life hands you lemons, take the opportunity to add some zest to your life! Lemon Cake Salt by SVLT Juice Co. is a product of Humble Juice Co. will give you all the chances to let your taste buds experience that zest firsthand. This vape liquid has been rated with a perfect five stars across different reviews. Let us see if this deserves the praise. Read my full review below.

“A fluffy delightful dense pound cake with the zest of fresh lemon. This is a collaboration between Humble Juice Co. and Solace Vapor. Enjoy!”

You do not need a special occasion to give yourself a sweet treat. Lemon Cake Salt e-juice is a perfect vape juice all-year round. If you are hunting for a dessert vape liquid that will satisfy your decadent, sweet cravings, then this is the vape juice for you.

On the inhale, your taste buds will enjoy the slightly tart lemon flavor. It tastes so fresh and natural, and it is very refreshing. The flavor of rich, moist cake becomes noticeable on the exhale. Altogether, Lemon Cake Salt e-juice has a buttery lemon cake flavor with a fresh and light quality that is pleasurable to the mouth. I really loved the hints of zesty lemon curd all over. Starting with the scrumptious aroma coming from the bottle all the way to the end of the vaping experience, Lemon Cake Salt e-liquid consistently gives off a sweet lemon glaze and moist yellow cake flavor.

Oh boy, the clouds of vapors from this bottle are huge and thick. They do not disperse right away too. What’s more, they are full of flavor. This e-liquid is definitely every cloud chaser’s fantasy. Lemon Cake Salt is a blend of 65% vegetable glycerin and 35% propylene glycol. While this is not the ideal VG/PG formula, you would be surprised at how this can still offer the maximum flavor and vapor.

The e-liquid is smooth and leans on the warm side with a pleasantly mild throat hit.  I vaped it for a week and I did not get tired of the flavor. With a flavor as good as this, it would probably take me a month of vaping on it to get bored with the flavor. This really makes for an excellent all-day vape.

Lemon Cake Salt is available with four nicotine concentration levels. It comes with 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg of nicotine. My go-to level has always been 3 mg. I like how I can still enjoy the full, spot-on flavor while satisfying my slight nicotine craving. This will work well for previous light cigarette smokers too.

Meanwhile, the 0 mg level suits those who do not need nicotine or those who are trying to quit smoking. The 6 mg level is still for previous light cigarette smokers who are seeking a stronger nicotine kick. The 12 mg level is for moderate to heavy cigarette smokers. Expect a bold nicotine buzz from the version with 12mg of nicotine, although it is not overpowering.

For those who are new to vaping, choosing the right nicotine level is very important to your vaping experience. In fact, it can make or break your vaping experience. If you do not know where to start yet, best to choose a low nicotine level first then eventually find your way up. Finding the right level takes some time and may entail some experimentation. Trust me, it will be worth it in the end.

SVLT used a dainty packaging design for its Lemon Cake Salt vape juice. The design is simple yet straightforward. The e-juice comes in a 120-mL bottle with a child-resistant cap. The label contains all the relevant product information such as the brand logo, flavor name, and more.

Now, if we talk about the price, Humble Juice’s vape liquids are very friendly on the pocket. A 120-mL bottle of your soon-to-be favorite Lemon Cake Salt e-juice only costs $24.99. Then you might ask, what is so friendly about that? Just wait until you hear about Humble’s SVLT BOGO deal. Ready? You can get two of your favorite SVLT nicotine salt flavors for the price of one. Yes, the second bottle is for free! Your choices include 99 Pick Balloons, Apple Jay Jay, Strawberry Sour Belt, Lemon Cake, and Blue Blood. Grab a bottle now while supplies last.