The Antonio Villard Royale E-Cigar Review

The Antonio Villard Royale is a true luxury e-cigar that provides the user with a rich and exquisite cigar experience.  Royale Premium Electronic Cigar comes in a larger ring size (54) and darker wrapper to provide the user with a stately and pronounced cigar that is perfect for enjoying a night out on the town, or even relaxing at home. Royale e-cigars may be the ultimate blend in this outstanding luxury selection that has enjoyed high praise since it’s introduction in 2010.

Now available in High (24mg/mL) or Zero (0mg/mL) Nicotine levels and with either a Red or Green tip color. The quality product of Antonio Villard, the Royale e-cigarette comes on the market in two sizes. The E-Cigar Review has for you the information about to sizes one called Cubana and other is Royale. The Cubana is  smaller e-cigarette that tastes same like the small cigar should. The cubana is a smooth draw, mild taste and sweet appearance. The Royale is the big brother of Cubana and looks completely different in look from other e cigarette. It has bold, yet mild flavor and the engineering work is beautiful. Both e-cigarette has a distinctive green glow tip that lights up when you puff on it.