The Power of blu Cigs

blu electronic cigarettes describes their e-cigs as “smoking redefined” – and they would be right. There is nothing quite like taking a drag from a blu electronic cigarette. It is an extremely easy to use item that will change the life of any smoker that tries it.The starter pack comes with a single blu pack. It has five cartridges and can charge the batteries when the smoker is out and about. It also comes with two batters, a wall and USB The Power of blu Cigscharger. Those five cartridges are in the flavour and intensity of the purchaser’s choice. The manufacturer suggests that the user fully charge the batteries before their first experience with blu for maximum effect.To use it, all the smoker needs to do is to take a drag. There is no switch to turn it on or off. The user will know that it works when its tip lights up, just like a real cigarette!

Charging it is a snap, unlike with other brands. Charging a blu electronic cigarette is a snap and can be done with a wall outlet or a simple USB port. Charging it is as easy as plugging it into the appropriate socket. When the blue light is on, it is charging. When it’s off, it is fully charged. It works the same way whether it is connected to a wall socket or a USB socket.It is a remarkably easy item to use. It will give an appropriate signal to the user whenever the battery is depleted. It will blink thirty times to make sure that it is ready for a recharge. The battery can be removed by simply unscrewing it from the cartridge. Just attach a charged one to the cartridge and it is ready to go.

blu cigs apply state of the art technology when it comes to their cartridges. They come in five-packs, combining the atomizer and the cartridge into one handy smoking device. These packs are easily transferrable. One cartridge is the equivalent of one entire pack of cigarettes. That means that users can bring a large number of “cigarettes” with them quite easily. They four amazing and tasty flavours: Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Magnificent Menthol, and Vivid Vanilla. For classic smokers, they also have Classic Tobacco available as a flavour. Each can come with different amounts of nicotine, from full flavoured (12 mgs of nicotine) to ones without any sort of nicotine.

blu e-cigarettes are extremely well made and best of all, tasty. Smokers around the world have dumped their tobacco and hopped on the electronic cigarette bandwagon after trying it once. Smokers who want to keep the habit but dump the nicotine and tobacco can simply order cartridges without any amount of nicotine. These smokers are a picky bunch and they have picked blu cigs due to its high quality and amazing flavours. There is simply no reason to go elsewhere when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Trying another e-cig would only delay the smoker from experiencing the pure value that is blu cigs.